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Halo Comic: The Fan-Made Halo Graphic Novel | mrsmiley { March 14, 2008 }

I've already gotten a few responses to my invite to Halo comic artists who want to affiliate with HBN, and this is by far the most awesome out of all of them... and possibly just in general! A fellow by the name of Dan Baker has just started a new project, simply named: Halo Comic. Check it out now, or read on for more info!

According to the artists, this series "follows the original plot line, and is done in the professional style: pencil, ink, scan, digital paint, digital lettering, graphic design." I couldn't agree more, with how professional this series looks! Bungie, you guys see this!?

You can read all about his reasons for starting this project in the design notes section of the site. I dare say he gives some pretty good reasons to embark on such a lofty goal! I'll be posting updates here and there, so check HBN, or bookmark Halo Comic for future updates! As dan puts it:

"...unless Bungie asks me to stop or finds someone who can actually give us a GOOD Halo comic, I'm in this for the long haul, so keep watching!"

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