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It's a Wonderful Live | mrsmiley { March 26, 2008 }

Digital Ph33r launched a brand new machinima series this month, and it strikes a very personal (and hilarious) note. It's sort of a reality series of sorts, that documents his personal experiences on Xbox Live since his jump to internet fame.

There are currently two episodes, and both them had me cracking up!
A quick warning: both episodes (and pretty much all of Ph33r's videos) contain strong language.

- Episode 1

- Episode 2

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1 | Maosteve says:

This is amazing, I'm sure we can all relate. I've been screamed at in the postgame lobby because someone wanted me to switch my chest armour around, he really seemed upset that I wouldn't. :(

also first post D: D: D:

2 | Andrew says:

ur vids r teh best :)

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