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Set backs | 2phast { July 26, 2008 }

If you were disappointed there was no new Larry comic yesterday, I truly hate to add to your dismay, but I'm going to have to skip the new comic this week. I'm sorry. I've had an entire variety of issues this week that threw off my scheduele, including even some medical problems, and my recent task of taking on an art project for an upcoming fair. To add to this, work has been killing me... in fact, I raced home on my break to make this news post, and now I hgave only 4 minutes to get back uptown.

To be fair, expect TWO COMICS next week. You guys have been more than cooperative with my inconsistant comic-posts, and you deserve a treat. See ya next Friday guys! And wish me luck; I can't afford to take much more stress *_*

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1 | mrsmiley says:



2 | firehawk11D says:

Salright! Happens to everyone once in a while. Hope things will be looking up soon :)

3 | Chanchu Mohan says:

Don't worry! lookin forward to it
P.S. TJ has to live!!

4 | RayZR says:

2phast you big jerk. I was all like: "OMFG TJ". And you're all like: "Hey guys, I'm going to leave you with a cliffhanger for two weeks."

5 | cman says:

Oh so that,s why. Ok i understand. Good luck!

6 | nick says:

Well, I hate how people find out how to hack accounts. Mine got hacked, and the person who did it changed it's name so I stopped paying for it, and I got it back about a week later. So maybe you should stop paying for your account smiley then you will probably get it back, and then you can pay for it when you get it back.

DAMN HACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

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