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XBOX Live Account Issue: FINALLY DONE | mrsmiley { September 08, 2008 }

About 45 days ago, my Xbox Live account was hijacked by someone who phished my information from Xbox Customer Support. After a month and a half, my issue has finally been resolved. Yes, it took forever, but there is a happy ending. Read on for the letter I sent to my support rep's superiors...

I was so impressed with the agent who helped with this issue, that I wrote his superiors the email below. There is a lot more than just praise for this guy, and I encourage people to please leave a comment if you have your own concerns. Who knows, maybe this, in addition to my last post, will make a difference?

Hello there,

I am writing this letter to give some HUGE kudos to Herm, who has been assisting me for almost a month and half now, and to make a few points that I hope are forwarded on. On July 16, my Xbox Live account was stolen by someone who "phished" Xbox customer support for my info by calling at least 12 times. Having been in the tech support business for over 3 years now, I found it quite ridiculous that someone would be allowed to call this many times, and I was very worried that my account would be used to make purchases, and possibly trick my XBL friends into giving out information as well. It was a very unnerving experience to say the least .

When Herm gave me a call, I instantly felt that I was in good hands. He completely took over my case, and stayed in very close contact with me. When emailing during normal business hours, I would often get a reply within minutes! Herm also used the same efficiency in returning my calls, which is extremely rare in customer support these days. He was very up-front and honest with me, and I could tell he genuinely wanted to help me out.

The fact that this issue has dragged on for 45 days now is unacceptable, but I understand that these circumstances were out of Herm's hands. He was doing as best he could with the abilities he was given. In the end, he was able to get me a few of my purchases back, and was able to restore the majority of the Xbox Live points I spent on games (that I no longer had access to)! I never thought this would be possible, and I can't tell you how impressed and pleased I am that this was done on my behalf. It took a while, but this more than compensates for the time I had to wait.

In closing, I want to leave you with three things to think about. First, Herm is the best phone agent I have ever spoken two in a long history of tech support calls! This man needs a raise, an award, or something! Second, I was informed by Herm that you guys are working on a means to deal with these issues quickly, and ultimately end them. GOOD. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help, as this kind of thing shouldn't be happening in such a long-standing corporation like Microsoft. Finally, I am hoping that the same kind of support is going to be offered to the many other people that have had this issue affect them. Not everyone runs a well-known gaming site like HaloBabies.net, and it would be a pretty bad for me to get special treatment over to everyone else!

Thanks for your time, and thanks for providing someone who gets things done, and who truly puts 100% into his job.
Matt Dunn

P.S. I will be posting this email shortly on HaloBabies.net. If you want to see what other people are experiencing, feel free to read comments there. You may be surprised.

I will do my best to reply to comments, so if you have a question, feel free to leave it. Although I don't necessarily want to offer all the gory details! (and no, M$ didn't pay me off or anything haha)

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1 | iceking003 says:

wow third time i left this comment:)
Well at least this situation is brighting slightly, will you still be using the GT i added you on?

2 | mrsmiley says:

Yes, I changed my GT due to the issue. Was kind of a hassle, but achievements aren't a huge deal for me.

3 | iceking003 says:

Man, maybe you should stop wearing the recon on matchmaking.

4 | Dylan says:

Good to here you got it sorted out.

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