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New Bungie Teaser + Analysis! | mrsmiley { September 25, 2008 }

Bungie released a teaser for their new project this morning (if you haven't seen it yet, shame on you!). To follow this, Maj Williams of GruntsRUs.com just posted a FANTASTIC frame-by-frame analysis of the video.

You can also discuss the video on this post in our forums!

Update: And if you're looking for a slightly different take (but without pretty pictures) check out Jordan 117's frame-by-frame here.

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1 | JML of GRU says:

Hi all,

This is JML from GruntsRUs. A few of you may recognize me as I called this place "home" for a while after GRU went down. Well, it's back up and we have this awesome analysis that Maj posted. However, we had a slight boo-boo and the news post - along with some other vital information - has been deleted. So for now, the link there won't work. But when we get Maj's analysis posted again (sometime today, hopefully) I'll let mrsmiley know and he'll update the news post with the correct link.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience,

2 | JML of GRU says:

The article has been re-posted and the link should be updated. Thanks mrsmiley!!!

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