A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | Teecee says:

Hahaha, sweet. Nice job Gruntsbane! w00t First post.

2 | The Arbitress says:

To be, or not to be: that is the question

3 | McHearty says:

I wonder what that could be implying. heh

4 | Super Robot 7 says:

"Duel balls."

5 | xenomorph64 says:

look at them skulls, and 4th post!

6 | SuperDragonYoshi says:

Nice work Gruntsbane, you are limited to what you can dual-wield & skulls make a primitive example (You can only have one in a game of Oddball). If you want the true fun of dual-wielding, play Advent Rising; Gideon has two hands, so why not put one gun (Or psychic ability) to each hand? Sounds like fun alright. Say, am I the only who notice the lacking amount of Covenant in these strips? Bring them back for once, they deserve SOME credit. In the meantime, I'm going to play Advent Rising tonight... YOSHI!

7 | Zyrra da Phira says:

Eh heh...I don't think Yoshi got it...good work tho, I see why it only just got past the screening process, but I'll bet those page guards are wetting themselves right now!

8 | Kanman-075 says:

Hahaha! That was funny. Great work Gruntsbane!

9 | Spartan 067 says:

LMAO! I always pondered that idea...

10 | Jammerfer says:

On the list of most disturbing ideas Bungie could have come up with...

11 | Afterjammerfer says:

I don't get it...

12 | Lovable Werewolf says:

LMAO! nice one XD

13 | warchief36 says:

why do people care if they get 1st post or 4th post?

14 | Nth post says:

That was great! Perhaps we could melee with both hands someday? Is it just my imagination, or was that ability shown in some trailer I saw...

what I love is when people say what post they think they're gonna be, and they end up one or two later

15 | Reinsoft says:

the right one hangs lower than the left one!

16 | Maniacxxl 069 says:

Rofl His oddball hasn't dropped

17 | Yayap and Zuka says:

Nice "skulls" by the way... :D

18 | Crosso says:

if only...

we could hold to oddballs at the same time.
still the comic is good. it's up but not completly up.

19 | Grunt_Master says:

........... um.... sure. funny... in a weird way... 8=========D lol.

20 | Insane Master Chief says:

20th post, woot!!! I'm going up, ever closer to 1st post, just in time for the eagerly anticipated (for me anyway) no. 100!!!! Great comic, I just burst out in laughter when I saw it. That comic was woot-worthy!
*ahem* WOOT!!! WOOT!!!! WOOOOOT!!!

21 | PlasmaFire says:

You scare me, Gruntsbane...you really do. XD Keep making more!

22 | alvin says:

what do you get when you have two balls in your hands?

a man's undivided attention

23 | mooching sack of death says:

sometimes i wonder what you do at night...

24 | Ripper 714 says:

I just want to know who thought that up....Gruntsbane...or Smiley...


25 | Evil Fruit says:

haha. great job.

26 | Buguba says:

lol... perversion... lol. Either that, or I missed the meaning of this strip entirly.

27 | LegendaryThunder says:


It took me a second to figure that one out, its not nearly close enough to his crotch though.

One of these skulls is bigger than the other........lol

28 | Master_Chiefafied says:

Omg... That's awesome...lmao! Ah... "duel balls" nice...

29 | Hellfirefanatic says:

LMFAO! Omg... I love this one...

30 | mrpooter says:

A pair of skullocks!!! Very funny:]

31 | Kradshutzen says:


32 | yo momma says:

Imagine if the object of the game was that evry time you killed someone with a melee attack, your "oddballs" got bigger, and the object to win is to reach a certain size? You have entered my sick mind, and there is no escape. Nice comic. I've been waiting for one like this. I agree with superdragonyoshi, BRING BACK THE COVENANT!

33 | Sparkie says:

And I thought I was the only one who could get away with perversion on HBN...i guess i rubbed off on ya in LA after all, eh Gruntsbane? ;)


34 | whencowzattack says:

Gruntsbane is a pervy...Gruntsbane is a pervy...la la la la la la...

35 | keyes says:

OMG!! W00T!!!!!

I'm glad he didn't touch it. I would hav, though.

36 | Durandal says:

GB... never mind. Words can't explain the fits of laughter I went into upon reading this. Doesn't anyone remember the description for two balls in Halo:CE? "We could make a funny joke, here, but then we'd get SACKED!" Get it? Sacked?

37 | serpx says:

Or you could just simply say: "Hey! You have two oddballs!"

Haha. Nice one. Brings out my inner child. :)

38 | zero says:

Actually theres a few jokes right there, which is awesome! One of the first that come to mind is "blue balls."

39 | Tristan says:

Now THOSE are some Odd Balls!!!

40 | carcharoth1111 says:

DragonYoshi on the sixth post said you can only have on oddball in a game and thats what i thought too.......until i watched Mr Jukes' jumping vid on the map Foundation and saw at least three odd balls on the screen at once. Is there a custom game option i'm missing?

41 | Gruntsbane says:

You can have up to 3 oddballs at once in custom gametypes. In Halo:CE it was something like 16 which is just crazy.

42 | SinisterMonkey says:

Awesome... Disturbing, but awesome
I didn't know anyone on HB read Shakesphere
(Hell, I didn't know many people here could read.)

Nth Post is right it's sooo funny when you say yay sumthing post then it is several posts later

43 | darkness389 says:

lol i didnt get it until the nasty part of my brain started too think

44 | Zareus says:

lmao that is too funney

45 | Jaxx says:

LOL! Nice one. XD

46 | Wannabe Master Sgt. Johnson says:

eewww....gross....and great comic Grunstbane....

47 | Arbitress says:

LOL!!! Funneh! Nice one GB

48 | Kritz says:

Is it me, or is Grunstbane spurting these out A LOT faster then normal?

>> Kritz

49 | Arac says:

It sux, thats how it is. This is one typical Not-funny one

50 | lil bobby117 says:

THINK Arac (who the f*ck calls himself "arac"?) if u think reel deep, and if u are older than twelve years old u get it

51 | KayJay says:


52 | Loknar64 says:

Uhhhhhhh.... I agree with Sparkie on this one.

53 | Random Elite says:

Just a suggestion for you MP series of comics, instead of Red vs Blue capture the flag, do Orange vs Green, witch is quite possible. Go to Team Slayer, and choose what team you want to be on (any colour) and then switch to CTF. The flags change colour too. Just a sugesstion.

54 | Random Elite says:

Or 1st cell its blue team talking tactics, then 1 spots something , then the 3rd cell shows an army of red Spartans, Elties, Grunts and Hunters. You could call it 'we've got worse cheating than super jumps...'

55 | Zealot Arbiter says:

I remember this joke. hella funny.

'You have uneven balls.'

56 | Insane Master Chief says:

I've just realised something: "I'm not even going to touch it." Well, if he did, that would make a rather interesting plot point/ twist in Halo 3.....
Sgt. Johnson and M.C..... no, like he said, I'm not even going to touch that joke.

57 | Lorelei_Polamee says:

LMAO that was hilarious! woo!

58 | tippin says:

i know a friend of a friend of gruntsbane. i heard bane likes to grabs balls and ass.

59 | red snow says:

lol, noice one gb

60 | mrsmiley says:

Gruntsbane, you sly devil!

61 | evilguineapig423 says:

haha blue balls. nice work gruntsbane, this is one sexy comic. well, not really, but it is good and i'll leave it at that.

62 | Spartan Z3R0 says:

w00t 62nd POST (n.n) great comic

63 | THaloKill says:

Thats why bungie didn't let you duel wield those...

64 | Lord_Halo99 says:

I agree lets not even touch that joke. Good one GB

65 | ex-arbiter(deceased) says:

Gruntsbane must have been thinkin bout somethin Horny(hony?) when he was thinkin about wut to write

66 | Cdarx says:

and i thought one ball oddball was gay....

67 | Misinformed grunt says:

cdarx, one is WORSE (think about it). great job by the way.

68 | Energy Sword Samurai says:

thats pretty funny. i think it would be awesome if bungie put dual energy swords in halo 3 (allegedly being made)

69 | Energy Sword Samurai says:

and in response to super dragon yoshis first comment, Advent Rising SUCKS. the story line was awesome (hence the orson scott card part), but the gameplay wasnt exactly........ oh, what was the word...... finished. the framerate was enough to stop me from finishing it.

70 | Hot n' Sexy Elite says:

Nice Joke. You should have more comics with elites in them.

71 | A Grunt comes by and says:

put more covanent in comics

72 | Lghtcloud says:

More Covanent!!!!!!!!!!

73 | Spartan058-HaloGeeky says:

OH MY FLIPPIN GOD!!!!...What have you been doin all this time...omg! that's wrong

74 | Tryan Shootamee says:

Wo...out of bounds there...just a little...

75 | Grizzled-Ancient says:

do you assume all of us are guys?...guess again...wrong...that's soo wrong

76 | 41 Chief's says:

get your mind out of the gutter people!...i'm sure that's not what the guy meant...oh god i hope not...i'm so NOT sure now...ooooo

77 | 41 Chief's says:

notice how the second Spartan's looking...and it's a VERY good thing that you're not going to *touch* it either.

78 | tron2005 says:

i like to touch my balls...

79 | Falcon says:

That's a cool comic, Gruntsbane!
Keep it up!

Wow, this is the first time that we have seen halobabies SMGs.

Hmmm...Oddballs...that joke is a little sexual...but what the heck, it's a HaloBabies comic, it rocks!!

80 | Some Stupid Random Person says:

yes...yes it was...for kids my a$$...still funny...nice one, "I laughed...I cried...I blew my head off...and then fell into a coma..."

81 | 425-643- 8992 says:

ASWOME! I loved it. i don't gwt the "i'm not gonna touch it" part. Hell, the FRIGGIN FORUMS are as funny as the comic. i'm 81 post, so... 80 laughs. or sad. If you wanna yell at me, that's my home phone #.


82 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

well, Reinsoft, in health class, they say one usually hangs lower than the other. ;)

83 | bullet sponge says:

phew it's... creative... but yeah it's funny. either gruntsbane has way too much or he has no music...no woots

84 | Pac Man says:

First off the covenant do need to be brought back. Second WORT WORT WORT Third i loved the comic cause i got it and its fricken hilourious and last if i was able to dual wield oddballs i would fricken get cammo, hide in a corner, wait for somme littile kid and his friend to come around it, and then beat the living daylights outta them and say "get outof the game ya littile *#@$#%@# (cause it be funny) and that its M rated for a reason." can i get a woot woot (woot woot)

85 | Morpheus says:

I love dual weilding! That's why this is a new favorite.

86 | The Commander says:

Ha ha ha ha!!!! Instead of a spartan u should have put an elite there. Dual-wielding a plasma pistol and M6C magnum is devestating!!!

87 | The Commander says:


88 | the holy pie says:

Please try and feature sentinels in the next one. maybe some monitors.(!) and how come iv never seen any flood?
i really dont get this 1 soz gruntsbane

89 | yayap and zuma says:

Yayap: funny very funn ...n..n@#%$^4775 Zuma: Yayap ran out of gas

90 | shorty says:

I like the way that everybody came up with their own punchlines, like in those caption contests...

91 | Grunt_Master says:

one word... "BALLS" two words... "TWO BALLS" three words... "LEFTY IS SAGGING" that is all. Thank you.

92 | KiKadet says:

The actual quote from the Oddball quantity settings in Halo 1 was:

"You thought we'd put a crass two balls joke here? Are you nuts? We'd get sacked."

Nuts... sacked. Yeah.

93 | Kermet the frog says:

thats not funny

94 | Minigun Wormer says:

To have two or to have none. your decision.

95 | Minigun Wormer says:

Sorry for the double post but Ihave to agree with Grunt_Master, don't you guys think that it's weird that the left ball(well technichally HIS right ball)is bigger than the other?

96 | Mr. Elite says:

lol...that gave me a laugh. :D

97 | jpupbob says:

that cracked me up!!! lmao omg!!! online on halo 2 im hiskive (as in skidive)come play with me some time (u messed up if u think of that in a sexual way).

98 | Crazy RedNek says:

Now that was funny.

99 | jpupbob says:

by the way great job guntsbane. pluse to add to my last comment im a girl and...

100 | redman says:

nice job

101 | bag o' ballz says:

this is mad nasty and not funny!

102 | zack d. says:

i love this picture i touch all my friends ones to so can i touc yours

103 | ice wagon says:

does this mean he gets double time

104 | IcEwAgOn117 says:

"when i was an itty bitty boy. my mom gave me a cute little toy. it was two oddballs connected to a string she called it my ding-aling-aling." P.S.Made up for this comic. please Comment on it.OR ELSE!Funny funny comic! And Funny Funny Song..............haters

105 | turok says:


106 | Predator110 says:

well to alot of ppl yes but i think its a hilarious comic...not for the fact that it involves male privates but just because those two blue guys are so stupid...well in a way...ooooo u kno what i mean!

107 | Halo15 says:

he dosent want to make the joke? i will,AWSOME DUAL COMBO!

108 | the real arbiter says:

yes because that joke is freakin OLD!!!!

109 | What's master chief's name? says:

haha thats funny, like the balls...

110 | Halo Jr. says:

haha theres the balls, but wheres the other part?

111 | greatgrimreaper says:

i'd happily put a classless two balls joke here but come on are you nutz? i'd get sacked

112 | stalker78 says:

L O L very nice man! =p

113 | Masterchief evil says: