A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!


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1 | gruntsbane says:

first comment, suckas!

2 | Lost|nHell says:


3 | Ne04 says:

lol! nice one! stupid grunts...with the xboxes..yeah...
(second post yay)

4 | SuperDragonYoshi says:

OMGOMGOMG... Second post at 3:40AM-ET; WOOHOO!! Anyways, nice work guys, it be kinda freaky if a SWAT team bust open your door, scare the living hell out of you, & bring you to justice, just becuase your using mods on XBOX LIVE. That would be freaky indeed. In other news, I believe I found the best flash game remake to ever grace the web, & it's called RaidenX. RaidenX is a remake of the classic vertical-shooter Raiden series. It's #1 in Newgrounds with a score of 4.56/5.00, won Daily Feature & other numerous awards there.
Use this link here if you wanna play it:
In the meantime I'm gonna go ahead & RaidenX for a while...YOSHI!

5 | Sh4dowSn1p3r says:

wow! 5th post at 12:56 Pm HA HA HA HA HA great job grunts banner or whoops I mean gruntsbane althought the expression on his face could have been better in the last frame

6 | The An7i Flag says:

Wow Sixth, unless someone else posts. Good strip. 1:02 Am PST...

7 | XIthShadow says:

lol i love grunts, they're so funny

7th post w00t!

8 | a gumdrop says:

w00t seven7h pos7.

if {{[[{youDo}not}+1}==like]strDonuts] then [[{have]a]bagel}

9 | donut says:

Modders suck ass! Id love to go beat one silly with a 'Ban Hammer'
I used to like Warlock because i usually own at it but now it seems that 1 out of 4 games i get modded in there it sucks!

Oh and btw: bagels suck too... whats not to like about Donuts?

10 | Connor says:


11 | Connor says:

Yeah hide dat XBOX for I pop u with a shotgun and steal it. {LOL}

12 | beebegun91 says:

lol good one.
It always seems that the little 7 year olds are the ones modding, and the grunt voices would explain why they sound so young. lmao

13 | Runtylime says:

Ya, i hate modders or anyone that cheats!Good one Gb

14 | Spartan 067 says:

BOOM! HEADSHOT! HAHHAHAHAH! That video was hilarious, and GB made it into the comic, hahahahahahah!

Nice comic, all moders should die.

15 | me says:

Sweet, freakin modder. and why must you say things like 1st post, you know most people can read the little number up by your name.

But back to the comic. WOOOOO, I hope that happens, because I hate modders. Although it is fun to taunt them.

16 | Minigun Wormer says:

Can anyone tell me what the joke is? Is this joke supposed to be sophistacated humor or not? And whats with the "Banhammer" thingys?

17 | Poli says:


18 | mooching sack of death says:

ooo banhammers. sounds like a cross between a banana and something radioactive. awesome.

19 | Oo; says:

A banhammer is a secret goveronment organization that tracks modded xbox users, kidnaps them, and gives them a little cut on their arm and then makes a dirty hobo pull apart the cut while pouring salt into it.

20 | Crosso says:

One Nuaghty grunt down, thousands more to go.
and why is ther grunts front armor red and the backpack armors yellow? it ain't right.
probably the odd ones out.

21 | Drew says:

Awesome Comic. BanHammers are used on people who Modify Halo 2 or Cheat. We're Grunts and We're happy to be Grunts!

22 | red snow says:

lol, noice one gb

23 | LOL says:

Lol me Like comic!!! Yay!!! It Funny!!! Yay!!!

24 | Yayap and Zuka says:

I'm just surprised the grunt didnt mod the xbox to allow him to bite your kneecaps off! :D

25 | MrE Ki11er says:


26 | The real Arbitress says:

HAHA I get it!

27 | PlasmaFire says:

Heh...there's been way more than enough of it; I totally agree with MrE Ki11er. Another rampage of humor for the Friday--w00t!

28 | Spartan-055 Pete says: