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No Comics for a While | mrsmiley { April 01, 2004 }

Just this morning I received some terrible news via a telephone call. Joel "Gruntsbane" Casebeer (our artist) called to inform me that he has been hospitalized. This morning a group of people camped out side of his house, and attacked him on his way to school. He came away with 2 broken ribs and a major concussion. He told me they were shouting stuff about him stealing Halo Babies from Bungie. One even vowed to hack this site and destroy it. I assure you we are taking all precautions to avoid this. I can't imagine who would have the nerve to do this, but I am very sad that Joel's artistic skills will be put on hold for a while. On the phone, Joel was weak and could not hold the conversation long enough to tell me anything more.

If Joel's home address is circulating around out there, I would appreciate it if I could be informed. I need to know who is spreading this personal information so it can be stopped! I know that he has had wierd fans in the past, but this really crosses the line. Anyways, I apologize to all you fans out there, but HBN will have to wait for a Gruntsbane recovery to post any new comics.

P.S. Joel will be able to check his e-mail at the hospital, so leave him a nice note in the comment section!