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Halo Babies: Now Served with a Plot! | mrsmiley { April 02, 2004 }

There is something special about this week's new comic. It is the start of an official Halo Babies series! Basically, every new comic from now until the end of the series, will actually be following a plotline! Expect the same quality humor in these strips, but instead of just random sketches, each week will give you a bit more of this new adventure the baby MC will be embarking on. I am personally very excited about the upcoming storyline, so stay tuned to HBN!

On a side note, I want to apologize if anyone got offended by yesterdays's post about Joel's "incident". In case you didn't know, yesterdy was April Fools Day. Crazy stories were flying all over the Halo community. Joel getting attacked by crazed Halo Babies fans was just one of them. Honestly, I can't beleive how many people fell for it, but it's good to know that some people are genuinly concerned with Gruntsbane's health! Once again, apologies to those offended, next year's won't be quite as twisted! ;P