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Spoiled Sponsor Winner! | mrsmiley { May 01, 2004 }

The Spoiled Sponsor contest has finally come to end. We had about 15 entries, which isn't too shabby! To make things completely fair, after writing the names on strips of paper, I went to my dad's house and had him pick a name. Since he hardly even knows what a website is, I figured it would be an unbiased drawing! ;)

Anyways, the winner has been drawn, and it is... KRACKA, our resident Halo hacker! I really am glad that KRACKA won this contest. Anyone who has checked out the Tips/Tricks/Secrets section of our forum knows that KRACKA spends a lot of time making awesome Halo vids for us to enjoy! He will be having himself drawn into one of our upcoming comics, and will be receiving a framed copy of his comic for his personal bragging rights! Thanks to everyone who donated, you are keeping this site alive! =)