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Splinter Sarge | mrsmiley { June 04, 2004 }

As I promised last week, we have 2 new desktops for you! One is a very cool drawing of an Elite, and the other features a very Sam Fisher-like Sarge! ;) Also, as with last week, we have released 2 new corresponding avatars. Check 'em out! =D

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1 | Halo fan...natic says:

Awesome! these are great! if i did't already have a really super cool desktop, then i would totaly use the one of the elite! wait... i think i'll send it in!

Woo!! first comment!! :)

2 | wut says:


3 | wut2 says:


4 | Lasa 'Purudee says:

Damn cool stuff! I'm going to use that one with elite, great job!

5 | Mista_B says:

Is awesomed again. Badass lookin Sarge there, good light and grass effects.

*adds to desktop rotation*

6 | haloelite says:

Gold Elites looks great

7 | Kode Klarence says:

I love the pic of Sarge! As Mista_B said: "good light and gras effects." That and the look of slyness in his eyes.

8 | Akba says:

Hopefuly he dosen't run into any enemies with only one bullet left. Good thing he went stealthy, otherwise some weird-named elite would of got a hold of his throat.

9 | Squall_halo2_me_play_NOW! says:

hahahahaha weird named elite he does have aa true but funny point

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