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All the vehicules can be destroy! | mrsmiley { June 07, 2004 }

A bit of new fan art for you today. First off, we have a delightful new fan strip by new forum-goer, KhiZeR . Don't understand the strip? It took me a second... but I like it! The artist is Canadian, hence the interesting choice of words... *zing!* ;P Moving on, akba, one of our local Photoship masters, has made us 5 new avatars to enjoy. On a side note, I currently have 5 fan desktops waiting in queue to be released (wanted to wait until we released the official ones!). I'll release some of these next week!

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1 | akba says:

Yay, I made it on the front page again... I can't wait to see those other 3 fan desktops.

2 | mattat says:

holy crap ooh im on the front page oops!

3 | evan schrantz says:

haha i get it! that took me a while... funny!

4 | GIGIGIGI GVTYFYTDYEASRDYTASF efuareyhgr oyefoa 117 says:


5 | No122 says:


6 | Jordan says:

halo rock

7 | Jordan says:

i am ugly but halo till rock

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