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Vector Yourself | mrsmiley { June 18, 2004 }

One of our local Adobe artists,akba has done it again! I just added 2 new desktops of his for your enjoyment! Both are very cool, and always well done!

Oh yeah, and just recently in our forums, akba showed even more Photoshop skillz by redrawing and coloring some of Gruntsbane's old concept sketches. He calls it "vectorizing," I call it cool! =) (He has a few pictures in the thread, so be sure to check em out and leave your feedback!)

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1 | Gruntsbane says:

Good stuff, Akba. It's been a wallpaper bonanza the past couple weeks!

2 | Maraxus6 says:

Hey man, good job! Part of me wishes that I could do that, but I cant use Photoshop for crap!

Once again, great job!

3 | Akba says:

Thanks for the compliments. After the harsh comment rules though, I better not reply to other people's posts O_O

4 | mrsmiley says:

Those are clearly for the comic comments. Obviously I don't want people spamming here either, but responding to compliments isn't spam!

5 | Anthony says:

great job akba, w00t w00t

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