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Comment Rules [IMPORTANT] | mrsmiley { June 18, 2004 }

Enough is enough. I have passivly observed the abuse of our comment system for long enough. Click below to view our newly made comment rule system. This will apply as soon as Gholsbane puts a link up above our comment pages. After that, you will all be held responsible whether or not you have read this...

Updated January 5, 2008

Ever since HaloBabies.net first re-opened, we have always had one key thing in mind: our fans. What will our fans like? How can we give them more content and more participation without over burdening ourselves? Out of these ideas came the HBN comment system. Believe it or not, not many other online comics provide this system (I am starting to realize why...), so I thought this would be a nice unique way for Gruntsbane and I to review feedback of the weekly strips.

I never once even imagined how much this system would be abused in the months after it was released.

As many of you may remember, I posted a stern warning about a month ago. In addition to that, Gholsbane posted a message that hangs above each comment page. All this was done in order to keep HBN the positive and kid-friendly site that it has always been.

Apparently, there are quite a few people who don't take heed of warnings, and who don't care to follow rules. Big shocker there. In response to these people, I have come up with the following rules for posting comments at this site. Please read them carefully, as there will be a zero tolerance policy regarding them.


For purposes of HBN's comment system, spamming is considered one or more of the following:

  1. Posting comments for the sake of posting comments. (i.e. Posting the same comment more than once, post.
  2. Posting a comment that is not related to the current strip. We don't want to check out your website, join your forum, or hear about the latest Halo 2 info. We want to hear what you have to say about our strips!
  3. Posting comments in RPG form; as in posting as Halo characters who have conversations with themselves in the comments. (Sounds stupid, but it's been done many times.)

Identity Theft

Do not, under any circumstance, post as someone else's user name. I can tell the difference, and I can verify someone who complains to me about it.


For purposes of HBN's comments system, flaming is defined as one or more of the follwing:

  1. Using excessive foul language to describe the strip, or someone else. As stated above, I want this site to be as "kid-friendly" as possible. Unfortunately, for now, the comment system does not have a language filter. It is up to you to watch what you say.
  2. Any insults directed at anyone on this site. This falls into the 'Spam' category since it isn't related to commenting on a strip, but I wanted to clarify.

What does this mean? If you break any of the above rules while commenting, we reserve the right to ban you without warning. This does not mean you will be banned from the comments permanently, but at least for a time. For those who are wondering, I have the ability to ban not only the IP address of your own computer, but the IP of your region's service provider as well. Don't think you can fake the system, because it won't work. I'm sorry if this all seems a bit harsh, but it is needed.