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Finally, a Game Even Baby Chief Can Play... | mrsmiley { October 02, 2004 }

In my write-up of MLG's Seattle Downpour event about a month ago, I mentioned an awesome new game that I was allowed to play, but that I wasn't allowed to talk about...

The game has been announced for some time now, and is getting rave reviews by critics! It is called Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball. It is the first EVER FPS paintballing game ever made! Gruntsbane and I got a chance to play it for quite some time in Seattle, and had nothing but good things to say about it. It is awesome. I told the awesome people at WXP that I would plug their game on this site, not because I wanted something from them, but because of how incredible the game really is!

I know this is not directly related to Halo Babies... but it could be! I mean, how else are baby marines supposed to train for the "battle field"? They need their paint-balling skills to be top notch when those Covies come around to play! ;P

Although the game is, unfortunately, set to be released in mid November (hmmm... may be a bad strategy...), I encourage all of you guys, paint-ball fans or not, to give it a try! IT supports Live play, and up to 14 players (1 per screen) over system link. If any of you guys have parents that freak out about violent games, be assured that this game is the coolest Wal-Mart friendly title out there! =) So there are my two cents. I was absolutely blown away by the depth of this game, and simply how cool it was when I played it.

Check out this site for more info!

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1 | Polarbear says:

I wonder why no one thought of this before? It sounds like a blast! Ghost Recon with no blood..
And, Activision has a long history of making great games. (Yay River Raid!)

2 | Blinxhunter says:

actually I have heard of something like that umm but I forgot what it was called.Oh well this game is most likely better(^_^)

3 | MC's Brother says:

Uhh....... Ok. Paintballing is one of those game ideas that sounds good on paper, but fails as a video game.

4 | Richard says:

All the paintball games released so far have been pretty awful, but I trust your judgement ;-)
I'm sure this will be great fun!

5 | SpArTaN_666 says:

HALO2 yaaaaa

6 | SPanX says:

Actually, there is a half-life mod called Digital Paintball, which would technically be the first paintball fps

7 | Junpei says:

THere is tons of Paintball FPS', but they're all on PC.

High Impact Paintball
XTreme Paintballer...

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