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It Just Keeps Getting Better... | mrsmiley { October 04, 2004 }

I leave for a few days on a camping trip, only to return to insanely good artwork posted in our forum! There are quite a few featured images this week, including a new one by Gruntsbane, the first art post of Jaxx (Tina Leyk), and Halo Babies gone 3-D!

Since we have a bunch today, let's get right to it!

We've got a new fan strip from big-cortana. Apperently Cortana's locating abilities aren't as good outside of the Chief's armor. ;)

And now for our featured Gallery artwork:

  • Fred (Final) by Crazy Fox 15 | A very cool piece of furry/Halo art, based on Star Fox for Nintendo. A sketched verseion can be found here.

  • Slayer by 2phast | This amazing artist continues to blow us all away with his vast talent in MS Paint! That Ghost simply looks stunning!
  • Batcave by Gruntsbane | An incredible homework assigment that the Halo Babies artsist absolutely nails! Does he ever get less that an 'A+'?

  • H2 Baby MC vs. Elite by Jaxx | Mere words cannot describe this incredible Halo Babies tribute by the famous furry artist turned active HBN member! Go see it to believe it! (Hopefully a desktop will be coming soon...)
  • After being blown away by those amazing entries, you had better buckle your seatbelt for this one! Recent forum member 'nrek' has spent the last 2 weeks or so working on a Halo Babies 3-D project! There is an entire thread dedicated to his work. (Be sure to scroll down to see his progress!) So far he has completed a Baby Chief, a Grunt, and is working on a Cortana model! After viewing his online portfolio, I have no doubt that great things will be coming from this talented member!

    That wraps up this week's featured art. Keep 'em comin!

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