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Jaxx Up Your Desktop! | mrsmiley { October 05, 2004 }

Jaxx (Tina Leyk) sent me the original file, and I sized it up and posted it as a brand new fan desktop! This one's gonna be on my desktop for a long time. =)

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1 | blinxhunter says:

cool I most likely wont use it but it's still cool

2 | Menace says:

I think Tina Leyk made that if I'm not mistaken

3 | mrsmiley says:

Jaxx IS Tina Leyk.

4 | Menace says:

very well then : )

5 | Tina Leyk says:

lol! I think someone didn't read the description you posted there Smiley... ;D
I'm glad everyone enjoyed that image though. :)

6 | Menace says:

I think he edited it after I posted

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