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Taking Halo Babies to the Next Dimension | mrsmiley { October 08, 2004 }

nrek is pure 3-demensional genious; I think anyone who has seen his Halo Babies work will agree! He kicks off his upcoming content flood with an awesome new fan desktop for us. (There is currently a second desktop in the makings, so check that out as well!) :)

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1 | nrek says:

wow im flatered

2 | BlinX says:

wow nrek, looked at your site. AMAZING. maybe you could do some animations with those models ;p

3 | Blinxhunter says:

Hey are you trying to impersonate me Blinx cuz I know I didn't write that.

4 | jake says:

so sup i big fan of halo

5 | BlinX says:

No i am not tryign to impersnate you, i have been looking at this page for last 6 months or so, and never bothered to post anything, but i love the comics. if i was tryign to impersnate you, i would have put hunter at the end... and, all i was asking if he was planning to do any animations...

6 | Sh4dowSn1p3r says:

um... thats nice jake...

anyhow thats a really cool desktop!

7 | your mom says:


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