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Monday Fan Art Features | mrsmiley { October 11, 2004 }

Our forum is being taken over by MSP! No, not an online virus, I'm talking about Microsoft Paint! We have so many talented artist who favor this program over Adobe and others art editing programs... and they do a damn good job! Time for the weekly fan feature update!

Fan Strips
We have 2 new strips up today; both by canadian sniper god.

Gallery Features
Not as many as last werk, but that is due to the fact that nrek's art won't be released until wednesday... hehe... ;)

  • Point Blank Chief by 2phast
  • | A usual, an awesome MSP pic - but a very cool twist on the current Halo Babies character!
  • HBN ODSTs by Archangel
  • | Very cool take-off of our previous released marine sketches and poses.
  • Halo Babies 'Madness" by compassghost | I can't wait to see the finished product...
  • Coming Up...
    One word: nrek. This guys produces 3-D Halo Babies artwork like it was the PoA on 'easy'! I already have 2 new desktops and *gasp!* 2 3-D fan strips; most of which I will be releasing this Wednesday!

11 comments so far (leave your own)

1 | squattingb says:

typo "paint" not "pain"

2 | whencowzattack says:

Another typo when you said "We have so many talented artist who favor this program over Adobe and others". Don't you mean artists? Also, isn't the Halo Babies Madness series done by Compassghost? Ahh! What's gone wrong with mrsmiley?!

3 | Get it off! says:

Psst.... you put that Nrek made all of those pictures....

4 | Archangel says:

What the heck that ODST Marine was mine, I created not NREK you need to fix that, because that really is not cool...

5 | Junpei says:

Yeah, Smiley. You're giving all the credit to nrek, all he did was the 3d stuff.

6 | Canadian_sniper_god says:

Lol. I guess nrek's recent talented work has taken over mrsmiley's brain.

7 | Squattingb says:

yea apparently so. But it's true though, Nrek's work is really amazing, though other people should still be recognized for their work :P.

8 | Gruntish Elite says:

I need to get my bunz in gear and start drawing more Halo stuff. But I need inspiration and practice drawing MC more. And it's 'week' not 'werk', lol.

Apparently Mrsmiley is having a typo problem.


9 | mrsmiley says:

Hehe... sorry bout that, guys. It was really late when I posted this.

10 | Tina Leyk says:

That's what I figured. ;D lol

11 | Ripper 714 says:

Yeah...It makes sense.

Ripper <<<---Tina Leyk Fan Extraordanaire
Whoa, its Tina Leyk!! Whoo!

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