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Mister Chief's Mayo 2 | mrsmiley { October 12, 2004 }

Justin, of the currently halted Halo strip "Grunt Brigade", has asked me to post a little something about the game that he and partner Jeff Kamovich are making. Apparently they are having a real problem with Halo fans stealing their ideas for the game, and claiming it as their own. So here is a bit of info from the game, to prove that they did what they did first!

Mister Chief's Mayo 2

Take on the role of Mister Chief, a comical parody of Master Chief, as
depicted in Frank O'Connor's "Bungie Weekly Update". Fight hoards of evil, foul smelling planet-attacking Covenant bastards with your trusty Battle Rifle, and an array of Assault Vehicles.


  • Their site is currently under construction, but will be up soon!

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1 | Halo fan...natic says:

Wow, that's awesome. I'm gonna try that out when it's ready. Wow.

2 | The_Eliminator says:

Looks like it was made in 1996, but that looks really good for only 2 people that are making it.

3 | mrsmiley says:

I think the idea is they are trying to make it as cheesy as Mister Chief himself. ;P

4 | _O_ says:

I wonder what they used???

5 | Squattingb says:

I think they used this machinima making kit you can get from machinima.com it's called the machinima production kit you can find it on the right hand side bar, i used it once, but I wasn't that interested in it.

6 | Mista_B says:

Currently, I'd say it needs less ass and more MSPaint.

Still neat, though.

7 | Cheez!!!111164 says:

Well if u play the Grunt Brigade Game and the first Mister Chief Mayo u'd probally noticed theyre made by Gamemaker but this un could be used by that Machinma thing

8 | Justin says:

Nah, we used GameMaker and a .dll called Ultimate 3D. Any YES, it is supposed to be as cheesy as Mister Chief. Lol

9 | Jeff says:

Right. I'm still adding in stuff to mister-chiefize it.

10 | Spec Ops Elite says:

That is awsome! I tried Dark Basics and it is hard so ALL OF U GAME MAKERS OUT THERE (That includes u at the back!) U DESERVE CREDITE EVEN GETTING A STICK FIGURE TO MOVE!!!!!!!!!

11 | Doomsdayweapon says:

im learning how to program games. im only 13 lol but im pretty smart for my age but meanwhile i play games check out my website @ members.cox.net/doomsdayweapon

12 | Doomsdayweapon says:

i can help you guys build your game i have Rhinoceros 3d modeling program and i downloaded alot of pre-made models

13 | where the -BLAM!- can i get master cheifs mayo? says:


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