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Halo Babies 3-D | mrsmiley { October 13, 2004 }

Our fans are amazing. Every day I log on and check out the art sections of our forum I am blown away. There is one artist, however, that has pioneered a whole new way of doing things the Halo Babies way; nrek does them in 3-D. (Read on for new content!)

Nrek did not raise the bar on Halo Babies fan art, he created a new one all together! While others have dabbled with the idea, he plunged in head first. Viewing his progress has been a blast, but to see his finished work on this site absolutely rocks! nrek takes great care in creating 3-demensional characters that still ramain very loyal to Gruntsbane's original artwork. Check out some examples:

Although Halo Babies has always played off of it's cartoony look as a comic, this really is a neat change of pace for fan art. Today, we are releasing nrek's first two 3-D comics strips in our fan strips section, as well as 2 new 3-D desktops in the fan desktop section! Be sure to swing by the art sections of our forum for the lastest of nrek's projects!

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1 | a normal guy says:

wow, you could draw some decent art but no, u have to be a homo and make this "babies" bull crap. master chief isnt a baby, hes a bad ass. draw something cool for once fags

2 | ali islami says:

Good work guys! Keep it up! ^-^

3 | Tim says:

I like it a lot. It is like looking at MasterCheif when he was a youngin, keep up the nice work and make some more baby pictures, not only of just Master Cheif either, do some grunts and Elites as well. Good Job

4 | Falcon says:

Wow! The artwork is AWESOME! The 3-D artwork looks shiny and fabulous! Two questions: Will these be the next generation of Halo Babies Comics? Will there be a game designed with these Halo Babies graphics? I hope the game will get an "E" rating.

5 | Kila' Kanamee says:

These are awesome. I wish I could make anything anyway near as good as that!

6 | Finland says:

I dont like. :D

7 | whencowzattack says:

hey, nrek, your artwork made it to HBO! :D

8 | bladerunner says:

NICE...i like the baby marines... MAKE SOME ELITES... THEY ARE DA BEST!!!!!!

9 | nrek says:

wow thanks everyone, and smiley thanks for going all out with this post/news clip.

10 | Vicious says:

Oi, those are awsome, but listen, Rename this topic if you can, Chibi Master Chief's. That way nobody will flame you for making him look like a babie.. But yeah, i love these, there awesome!

11 | mrsmiley says:

It's not chibi, it's Halo Babies! :S

12 | Kynitekia says:

Ignore "the normal guy" or watever. this is awesome, and cool lookin. keep it up!

13 | Squattingb says:

a normal guy - you're nuts
vicious - sounds like you're new, take some time to read their comics, it's awesome!

14 | MC Elite says:

Love it. The final MC looks brilliant and is testament to some of the amazing artists we have here. As for "Normal Guy" (Who mustn't be as normal as he lets on to be flaming so violently) complaining about them being young looking, why are you on Halo BABIES? Get a life and stop flaming.


15 | Spartan-287 says:

nice work

16 | MC0096 says:

It's great but... I think the 2D versions look better

17 | Saalkin says:

Whats the polly count on them?

18 | Saalkin says:

Whats the polly count on them?

19 | Diablo says:

Bonjour des que halo 2 sor je lachete directos prestos c'est trop de la boulette de cannoon

20 | Diablo says:

Bonjour des que halo 2 sor je lachete directos prestos c'est trop de la boulette de cannoon

21 | Saber-Wolf says:

the 3-D AWESOME u should make some comics of it.

22 | S.O.G. says:

or mabey try a movie.

23 | S.O.G. says:

- what program did u use to make them?

24 | what the hell? says:

what the hell is up with that?!?!? sue me

25 | halo guy says:

play runescape hell yeah



27 | chicken says:

why dont you guys make a halo babies game it would be sweet youd like go round killing little hunters and stuff it has a lot of potenshal

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