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HB Cameo in 'That Halo Parody 5' | mrsmiley { October 15, 2004 }

"TheComet" used one of our most popular avatars in his latest flash Halo parody. Check it out via Newgrounds.com!

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1 | Canadian_Sniper_God says:

Meh. Not bad.

2 | Spec Ops Elite says:

I love all of those Halo flash movies like 'peanut butter Halo time' and that libray one, Heck I LOVE BUNGIE!!! (*& oddworld 2nd*

3 | alex rivette says:

damn i love this crap ;hi-larious

4 | TheComet says:

thx guys!
Is there any halo baby stuff I could use in episode 6? it's going to have alot of cameos in it (parodizing current events with the halo cast...oh we all love that coveraqi grunty goodness and george dubyah chief!)

5 | poop says:

Hi i like your website

6 | mr gruntly says:

yeah! onwards with halo babies!
you rock man hilarious!!!!!!!!

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