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Programmers Wanted! | mrsmiley { October 16, 2004 }

nrek the guy who who created those awesome 3-D Halo Babies images, has posted a "want ad" in the forum. He wants to make a 3-D Halo Babies game, but he doesn't quite have the programming know-how to do it. If you or someone you know has a pretty good knowledge of game design, and would be willing to work a possible Halo Babies first person shooter game, let him know! If nrek can build a team of designers, he will have the full support of this site to make an awesome game!

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1 | Mista_B says:

Further down in the news was a group building something to feature "Mister Chief" ; perhaps they might be able to provide aid here?

2 | polarbear says:

Most of my programming know-how was in Cobol and Fortran..not much help in game design. I hope the necessary skills can be found and volunteered, I'd love to see an HB game!

3 | Justin says:

I can perhaps help. =D I have a bit of Game Design prowess.

4 | Justin says:

If you want, I can program pretty much the entire game! Lol. I just need models and information and a bit of guidance.

5 | Spec Ops Elite says:

Will the game be hosted at HB

6 | Homerskillet says:

Uhhhhhh Program What???

7 | mrsmiley says:

As far as I know the game would be hosted here, where else? ;)

8 | ~Trail says:

Hasn't the HaloPC editor been released yet? I used to tinker around with HL, and if the HaloPC editor is anything like HL's editor, then Nrek could possibly do most of the work himself.

9 | b'dass says:

uh? huh I can't program but i've
got great ideas allready for d'game!!!!!!!!!!!! I will do my best to do d'game,you got my support sir!!!

10 | TheComet says:

I can program the game in flash but it'd take awhile. I don't know of any programs that can program 3D games (mostly the depth programming and perspectives would kill me without a 3D programming prog to use). If you want a Time Crisis style game I can help (with the programming, music, and loads more)

11 | System says:

Yeah, I was gonna say it could be a flash game. I don't know any programming, but I hope to learn it sometime. If you guys need help with music, I am pretty good with it. I have fruity loops and cool edit pro for recording. I am checking out the halo theme right now. I am still learning the piece, so nothing recorded with halo at the moment.

12 | la la says:

hehe w/ my knowledge i cant do anything to help you ... but i ll be the first to play =D

13 | gwagirl1 says:

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14 | josue says:

how do you download tha game????????

pleeze help me!!

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