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Art Knows no Rest | mrsmiley { October 18, 2004 }

And neither do I! This update, will be short and sweet cuz I'm tired! ;)

We have 3 new fan strips today! Check 'em out!

We also have some featured forum artwork by 2Phast (MS Paint Master) and Compassghost ("Halo Madness" flash Master!). 2PHast awes with the usual MSP insanity, and Compassghost hooks us up with a rockin' preview of his upcoming movie!

w00t! Nap time for me!

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1 | ThnkaDude says:

ummmmm...Is 2Phast the MSP master Smiley?

2 | Junpei says:

You should stop doing these when you're tired, Smiley.

3 | Canadian_Sniper_God says:

Yea Smiley. Do the updates when you are good and rested. The MS Paint Master is 2Phast...

4 | whencowzattack says:

I agree. Get some rest. Then, after you are awake, do your updates. Otherwise, you will make tons of mistakes, like these past few updates...

5 | Falcon says:

Mr. Smiley, get some sleep. You need your strength and mind to make those updates. Play some Halo! You will also need your rest to play Halo 2 when it comes out on November 9th! Relax! Drink some Sprite or Powerade or something... :)

6 | Ripper 714 says:

At least he didn't do the piracy update wrong. ;)


7 | Gruntish Elite says:

LOL, Smiley, yer workin' too hard! Like the others have said, get some rest. LOL, and Play some halo. Ah hell, I agree with all of the above. :)

8 | mrsmiley says:


9 | nrek says:


10 | Ripper 714 says:

2PHastk? Hm....
Do you even read your previews?


11 | HALO4U says:

Smiley, they take such good care of you here. LOL

12 | mike rotch says:

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13 | dixie normas says:

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14 | anita p says:

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