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Halo4U Interviews ME | mrsmiley { October 21, 2004 }

Scott of Halo4U has just posted an interview on his budding fan site. It is a good interview, as most of it doesn't even pertain to Halo Babies! The questions range from the piracy issue at hand, to different aspects of Halo and Halo 2. Even if you don't want to read the interview, check out the site! It is very well made, and looks to have some good potential for expansion.

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1 | Falcon says:

This website looks very interesting. I'll check it out sometime! Looks like we have some allies on our side against those Pirates! But...let's proceed with caution to every website we visit, people! Those pirates are out there somewhere!

Yay! First comment!

2 | HALO4U says:

Hey smiley, thanks for posting the interview, and not to worry, no caution is needed to enter my site,just like halobabies, 100% piracy free.

3 | Ripper 714 says:

Nice interview!
Interesting to take a look at who's running the site.

"read about the HGAP campaign I started"
I started? Lol, it's cool but it'd be nice to say that the Halo Community started it as a whole. It was there all along, I just made a cool graphic.

4 | HALO4U says:

Well the interview was with smiley, so if he wants it changed to that, im pretty sure he will email me, and i will update it.

5 | mrsmiley says:

Heh, well you had the original idea, and I got the idea started. The Halo community has since rallied behind it! :D

6 | HALO4U says:

Hey, smiley...do you have AIM, YIM, MSN messenger? If you dont want to post it in public, can you please email it to me?

7 | Polarbear says:

Well done! Suprisingly, it loaded first time..rare with Geocities these days.
You used to be able to have a great site on there, but now..well, Yahoo bought it..what can ya say?
Wow..next thing you know Mr. S. will be on CNN's "Hard wired" segment! :)

8 | HALO4U says:

Thanks for the comment, and a domain for my site is coming soon. Geocities sucks!

9 | Falcon says:

I'm glad you're on our side, Halo4U! Those pirate morons are really spoiling the fun that will be released on November 9th! I guess they couldn't wait. LOL!

10 | HALO4U says:

yea, and its annoying when they go to forums and post topics called like "new screenshot" and then when you click it, it goes right to piracy information. O well, its ashame they all dont get caught. but games are always getting pirated before release dates. I have a friends in new york, who got a game 2 weeks before its release. But it was a gay game, so its not like it ruined it, but still piracy is a no-no!

11 | Falcon says:

You got that right! Piracy is a no-no, even if it is a gay game. LOL!

And, sorry for the accusation...

12 | HALO4U says:

Im not sure how many of you are still reading this, but i re-designed my website, and i think you will all like it alot better.

13 | master grunt says:

my name is sean and i am called the master grunt. i challenge anyone to a halo2 match!!!! my e mail is me and my twin live in alaska and can take anyone in a 2 on 2. see you on live. (although my online name may not be master grunt, i will have a comment about it so that you guys can regognize me.) i will probably be on training ground on the account that i can only play at my friends. email me...

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