A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!



'2phast' for you! (And more!) | mrsmiley { October 25, 2004 }

Today's art update is so huge, that I am gonna have to split it up between today and tomorrow!

There were SO MANY great art entries this week! 2phast was workin' over time on all of his MSP pieces. Because he had so many awesome works, I decided to just post his today, and then post the other artist's stuff tomorrow. (There is other great art too, but this is just easier!)

Featured Forum Art

  • Earth City Under Attack { comment } Very cool perspective on the Covenant invasion of Earth.

  • Halo 3 Chief/Weapons Concept { comment } Already thinking about Halo 3, eh?

  • Luxery Hog { comment } "Style now has wheels."

  • Fresh Ownage { comment } Blue team gets a plate of it...

  • MC With No Helmet (funny!) { comment } The funniest thing from 2phast yet! See the pic and be scared!
  • Fan Desktops
    nrek has also been working over time for us! He sent me four 3-D desktops yesterday. I am releasing 2 for you today, 1 tomorrow, and the final one this Friday! Check them out!

    Fan Strip
    Bigcortana seems to be starting mini-series with her new "Giant Grunt" strip!

    That's all for now! More coming tomorrow! :)

10 comments so far (leave your own)

1 | 2phast says:

I... wow... I 'm... shocked!!! Thanks a bunch!!

2 | Crazy Fox 15 says:

Keep up the great work 2phast!

3 | rabid08 says:

Coooool That's awesome...

4 | Shadowbane says:

I knew that's what MC looked like under his helmet! Great stuff, 2phast.

5 | SPARTAN-117 says:


6 | Polarbear says:

I can't believe you did this with MS PAINT!!! Incredible. Especially the styled Hog and the new weapons.
I hate to think that the guy in the Chief's armour is holding the fate of our planet! AAAGGH!! Hilarious!

7 | Mulletman262 says:

that one new weapon looks like an mp5...

8 | Halo GUy On LeGeNdaRy says:

in relating to number 6..... have u even read the books on halo or even beating the game in legendary if u did read the books u should understand the story line, the guy is a 40 year old man been in the military since he was 6 years old and was part of the spartan 2 project... thats my quick sumery

9 | Halo GUy On LeGeNdaRy says:

oh ya his name is john

10 | THat IS VeRY GrEAt 2PhASt says:

hey great work... let me guess an elite right oh ya im so right ok ok ok g2g luv yall bye bye

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