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Art Update Part 2! | mrsmiley { October 26, 2004 }

We've got a bunch of great fan images, a new 3-D desktop, and a movie... AND A SPOILER!!!!!11

OMFG TEH SP0LI3R! Hehe, just a funny lil image from the newly created MisterChief.com! (Image by c0ld)

And now on to all the featured forum art this week that is NOT by 2phast! ;)

Forum Art

  • Archangel
    The Real ODST { comment } An awesome drawing of and ODST shock trooper!

  • Timber_Wulf
    Courage { comment } A very well-done MSP drawing, with a great quote!

  • Compassghost
    Fire Downrange [Forum Post] Compass never ceases to amaze with his incredible flash work! He does great things with the Scorpion tank!

  • Donut
    Master Chief { comment } A very well drawn colored pencil, er... drawing!
    Dead Elite { comment } Drawing of a dead elite using the same style. (You may also want to check out his MSP Halo logo!)

  • Grunt_money
    MC Hamster and Grunt mouse { comment } SOOOO CUTE!!!
  • Forum Movie

    Whencowzattack posted a hilarious "stop-go" movie featuring Halo/Halo 2 action figures. It is very well done, and has been getting great feedback in the forum. Check it out!

  • (Right click and 'Save as' to download) Halo Figures | 6.43 MB | Windows Media | Hosted by Mythica

    Fan Desktop

    We've got another 3-D desktop by nrek today! Check it out!

    Woah! That was a big update! Enjoy!

6 comments so far (leave your own)

1 | Spartan-287 says:

nice work
(oh ya #1)

2 | Falcon says:

Wow! These pieces of artwork are absolutely AWESOME! Great work guys!

Yay! Comment #2!

3 | DeathsPale Horse says:

sweet! i seriously like nreks wallpaper.:> what else can can this guy do that isnt GENIUS!:>

4 | TheComet says:

I got a laugh out of that spoiler one :P I havn't checked out all the art yet, but they all look pretty good.
check back a few news posts, I put the link to an animated version of a few of the site comics I made :)

5 | tupac says:

man that stuff is horrible, go to art school guys, seriously

6 | mrsmiley says:

We all have a right to our own opinion, but I recommend showing us some of your own artwork before trashing others.

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