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Oh Baby! | mrsmiley { December 20, 2004 }

Two weeks worth of art in today's update; including a new sexy Cortana desktop, and some beautiful spartan ladies! (#^_^#) Check 'em out!

We have quite a few exceptional pieces of art today!

Gallery Art

  • Spec.Op.Elite.
    That was a close one! { comment } A cool inked B&W piece.

  • Ryley217
    Chibi Arbiter { comment } A cute babyfied Arbiter!
    The Arbiter { comment } After viewing the first picture by Ryley, this one will shock you!

  • The_Eliminator
    Lego SMGs { comment/view more pics } They may not be the most accurate, but a fun idea! ;P Update: Check out even more weapons in this post!

  • Sparkie
    Draconic Elite { comment } A very unique "dragon elite"!

  • blinxhunter
    Statue of Xbox { comment } A hilarios Photoshop job in the Statue of Liberty!
  • Sketchbook

  • Donut
    Spartan Sketch { comment } A good start to a new MC pic.

  • MSBartist
    Marine VS Zealot Elite { comment } Great style on this battle pic!

  • HumanShield
    Anime-Stylized Arbiter { comment/view more pics } A great start to a cool anime Arbiter!
  • Fan Strips
    We've got a new installment to Ryley217's "What to do with the Monitor" series today, as well as plenty of great new work in the Halo Fan Strips section of our forum. Some noteable updates include episode 10 of "Covenant Child," part 5 of "Journey to the Covenant Homeworld," a new season of Real Halo," and a cool new series featuring Halo action figures! Check those out and more in the forum!

    Random Flash Movie
    Compassghost gives us a cool lil flash clip of a an Elite getting PWNED.
    Headshot { comment }

    Heeey Ladies!
    There are 3 new pieces of art that all had me drooling. They all feature some insane artwork by some of our best artists! And they are all of women... sweet. As a bonus, each image comes with a pre-release version. Enjoy!


  • tanqexe
    Girl with a Big Gun | pre-release { comment } A very moody painting of a female spartan!

  • v2
    Linda 058 | pre-release {comment } A stunning representation of the famed female Spartan.


  • v2
    tEh s3xay Cortana desktop! v2 ROCKS! Three different resolutions:

    800x600 | 1024x768 | 1152x864 { comment }

    Pretty sweet, huh? Here's an early sketch for ya!

    *Wipes up Drool*
    What a great update! Thanks for reading, everyone! :D

41 comments so far (leave your own)

1 | pmzukan says:

nice, haven't seen all yet but wow! those linda shots were amazing!

2 | nightmare says:

yeah, i love those linda pics and the cortana one

3 | blinxhunter says:

Awesome art.cough"so is mine" no jk

4 | mecharaum says:

great job on everything guys! yay, my comic made it ^_^

5 | DonJesus says:

Apperently they can take the time to draw it, but not the time to read the book and understand that spartans do not have that much hair.

6 | 'ke says:

Those... uh... sexy Cortona wallpaper are isn't working.

7 | v2 says:

Ah, I have indeed read the books, and I think it is you who doesn't understand, DonJesus. The only one to be described with a buzzcut is Kelly, but that's a side effect of the augmentations done to her. Even the Master Chief is described as having longer than regulation hair in The Flood.

In conclusion, I stand behind my reading comprehension skills.

8 | .:Alex:. -in nerdy mood says:

The elite flash movie isn't working, you need to view it locally because sever not set up with flash mime type and well funny internet stuff..

9 | mrsmiley says:

Both the desktops and the flash movie work fine for me... sorry!

10 | Donut says:

Wow, i got featured and i threw that sketch together like a couple of hours before the upddate... BTW love that cortana wallpaper *tsssss

11 | Ciaran says:

Hhhmmmmm..... maybey the Master Chief really is a woman.

12 | mr. mister says:

i like the HEADSHOT thing in bloody words hehe.(((((((((()> :O

13 | Sparkie says:


Why won't anyone do and s3ckz33 MC desktops?! :D He's a total pimp! *gets Idea* w00t! Nice art tho.

14 | Jessethekidd says:

A women with a man voice????AHHHHHHH!

15 | Murph MacManus says:

I have a question, If V2 is a woman, then why does her cortana desktop say "Phil Kwok" as the copywright? Is that really your name?

16 | THE GRUNT 1000 says:

I LOVE IT!!!! sorry for the caps... it looks way great! better than any of my drawings!-_o

17 | mrsmiley says:

I didn't know that v2 WAS a woman...

18 | SEPH1085(a.k.a. SParTan 199) says:

The girl spartans look like thay were done by a pro artist!!Nice job dude!!But the cortana one got a little offhand.I dont think shed do that.

19 | Green Falcon says:

Alright! Anime Style artwork absolutely kicks a--! I love the Arbiter!

Oooohh! Female Spartans! (Drooling on floor.) Just kidding! Lol!

What do the subtitles behind cortana say?

20 | v2 says:

1-I am not a woman

2-If you want a sexy Master Chief wallpaper, all you gots to do is ask

3-The subtitles behind Cortana are a treat for hardcore Halo fans to decipher :)

21 | the canadian says:

the arbitors make me sick, linda, wont she be all weak from surgery and have monster sleep deficit, And cortona is a hooker

22 | Arbi7er says:

*changes desktop to cortana one*
Sweet! Cyber-hookers!

23 | the canadian says:

no, vybr hookers are what you find on starcraft, or warcraft, or bigJugz.com! cortona is a giant collection of code that screames, "digital rape!" everytime a covie AI is around, and inserts pornographic images into the MCs head.... mmmmm covenant porn bet all youy handicaps would love that

24 | squattingb says:

Cortana looks Japanimated. But you "the canadian" you have one sick sick mind. Eurgh

25 | the canadian says:

no! you jew! you damn dirty jew, i will hide you in my attic and tell theNAZIS!!!!!! im not a sicko, like some people here (someone thought grunt porn was cool) cortona=hooker GET USED TO IT!

26 | Zealot Arbiter says:

im in <3!

27 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

wowowowowowowowow!!!!! those linda pics are AWESOME... and i also love ryley's arbiters!

28 | Random Elite says:

grunt porn?...(pukes in nearby bucket)you sir are a disgrace...
those linda picks were well drawn (even if the second pic she had the MCs armour on, not her red armour)

29 | Halo Dude says:

grunt porn........
u mean like this

I \
I \
I \
I o o
( . )( . )
i i---i i

30 | the canadian says:

there is the fine line between idiots, and handicaps, you just pushed it to a whole new level...

31 | Helljumper says:

Yo. I can't find nowhere to chill out at. Anyway, I want to say my opinion...
I THINK THE CHIEF IS HOT!!!! There I said it.

32 | Metal_Snake says:

Random Elite, all the spartans have green armer. They dont really have multi color armer.

33 | Redneck says:

Your all nuts!!!!

34 | Dan says:

Linda's the team sniper, right? But the Halo games should really have four player co-op, I mean, there are five surviving spartans. Kelly, Linda, John (the master chief whom you play as in Halo) Fred and Will. Kelly was taken away by Dr. Halsey (she created the spartan-II project), so there are four spartans all together! Why is there no four-player co-op!? E-mail me if you have questions, I'm sort of a Halo expert.

35 | the only person who still has a brain says:

You are right about the surviving spartans but theres only the rare handful of people who actully read the books,& play the game. And that does tick me off that theres not a 4 player co-op.And they dont even show the 2nd player in little clips during the game.Don't leave out the little people. : (

36 | wizard-lord says:

i have just 1 singel thougt GRUNT PORN? why dont just have drone porn or something. But dan you could just do this e-mail to bungie and ask why theres no 4 co-op

37 | wizard-lord says:

headshot owns

38 | BeafyChicken says:

I and my brother are gay. we like to suck each uthers dicks and jerk off to each other. ME SO HORNY!!!!!!!!!

39 | WEEEEBOOM!!! says:

that's wierd.
I found cortana porn! she's so freakin' hot! :P

40 | WEEEEBOOM!!! says:

I'm Alpha poindexler on xbox live.
now level 11 or 12 (can't remember.):P :P :P :P

41 | Inhentagetiny says:

Hi, cool site, good writing ;)

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