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1 | Archaos46 says:

link is busted, just shows the thumbnail.

2 | Turialim says:

Mine too... but it does look good. Fix it soon so we can read it...

Vampyric Turialim aka GAMERTAG: Turialim

3 | Archaos46 says:

Where is Mr.Smiley? he needs to fix the link.

4 | Green Falcon says:

Green Falcon aka Falcon.

Awww...the link only shows up and not the comic. That's too bad! I feel sorry for Ryley217, because I want to see more of his fantastic anime-style artwork! ;)

5 | mrsmiley says:

Sorry guys! It works now.

6 | Archaos46 says:

well it was worth the wait, funny :D

7 | Mulletman262 says:

Well, it's alot better than Ridley's other WTDWTM, and I actually liked this one.

8 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

cute grunts in the back!

9 | jackal jake says:

The Comic works puuuuuurfectly for mine. LOL

10 | poop smith says:

Sometimes that happens to me red Grunt.

11 | And then i says:

nice MC artwork

12 | Hairy furball(Brute) says:

OH looke at the cute little grunts on the back!!
Imagine if they thit that we i was killing a brute =)

13 | project blam says:

Really cool...hope the moniter land in a water hazard..BZZZZ, joy to the world the moniter is dead!

14 | Ryley217 says:

I should really get to work on the next monitor comic. I guess I was taking a break. I'll do no.5 as soon as I can.

15 | valjir says:

hey now thats funny!

16 | Russell says:

I thought it was so funny, just give the grunts some cheerlead'n pompoms and the moniter in a water trap and its good

17 | ARBITER says:

ah ha ha ha! suck shit monitor!
P.S No it isn't immoral.

18 | cody reeves says:

This is so cool.This is a good drawing.

19 | CoolElite says:

Where exactly is the monitor in this comic?

20 | Girl Sparan says:

lol the grunt forgot his line

21 | CoolElite says:

I'm here,go to www.freewebs.com/arranmcgloin/

22 | senor spanky says:

grunts cheering mc...moniter as a golf ball...AKWARD.

23 | da halo soldier says:

do not use the monitor as a golfball,use it as a american football much better

24 | If I were you says:

Dont Use for golfball hire a profesinal wrestler to beat him up then kill the grunts.

25 | ur a cunt says:

this is THE biggest amount bullshit ive ever seen looking at it was a waste of my life i hope ur fucking happy go and gt fucked

26 | Fate Breaker says:

Haha! Great job on the comic, and the art too!

27 | Plasma_101 says:

Heh heh heh funny!I liked it! P.S.Shut the f*** up ur a cunt.Ya know,you're the biggest A-hole I ever saw in my intire life!F*** you ya peice of bull-shit!!!

28 | Plasma_101 says:

Er,sorry for swearing guys.

29 | extreme halo destroyer says:

that was a lame comic

30 | The Unknown Soilder says:

Well the cheerleadin grunts...its a well umm...a unique idea, weird though

31 | Some Random Elite says:

What! Those grunts shall be executed for this!

32 | moniter my foot says:

fuck the mon niger i mean bitch terd i mean oh what the hell fuck the moniter go to robo hell moniter you are not hot either you are not even a girl

33 | elite major says:

i really like how you drew MC,
nice work!

34 | Slade8 says:

Great strip, lol. BTW, "moniter my foot," the forum rules say WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE! (Ban, perhaps?)

35 | Spartan 152 says:

Funny. And PLEASE calm down, and STOP the CUSSING. OK? Good. And, just make sure to use a ROCKET on him when tinnes.

36 | micheal tommy says:


37 | ratchet says:

thats so funny im still laughing nice comic. ;}

38 | arbiters son says:

I love grunts there awesome. That is a good drawing. :|

39 | kraid17 says:

I love grunts........AND WERE BACK TO THE GAME! he goes in to kick and...2000 yd!!!

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