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Are You Chibi? | mrsmiley { January 10, 2005 }

The chibi virus has been released in our fourms! They are everywhere... must... find... shotgun... ;P Oh well... if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Wow, that's a pretty sweet header image! ;P Well, those 3 spartans just happen to be (from left) hydra66, Sparkie, and Mecha Raum from our forum! They are only a few of over 25 chibis that Archangel has been pumping out for members of our forum over the past couple weeks! Archangel has a great eye for creating chibi characatures, and our members are loving it! If you ever wanted to see yourself in a slick set of MJOLNIR, swing by his Chibi House and request yours! You can also go there to view all of his other chibi jobs! :)

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1 | uberninja says:

w00t for chibi's and the first post!

2 | MechaRaum says:

Second post! And I am up there ^_^. Good job Arch!

3 | Dude says:


4 | Dirge says:

ur chibis rock Archangel!

5 | Zoe says:

nice drawing =3

6 | zoolander says:

it is like so totally detailed baby aite then ttyl sweetie luv ya

7 | caleb says:

cool picture

8 | SEPH1085 says:

Could use a little straitnig up, but its all good!!!

9 | Crazy Fox 15 says:

Your chibi's ROCK!

10 | Falcon says:

Wow! These chibi's are cool! I'll take a teal MC chibi if any of you have one...:)

I like the chibified Beam Rifle. ;)

11 | Sparkie says:

*is annoyed* Once more im going to keep my comments to myself to keep from making an arse of myself. Good art tho...

12 | the grunt 1000 says:

wheres mine?

13 | Ryley217 says:

Yes Chibi's are awe-some!

14 | Arrow says:

They so adorable, with their little guns and teeny MJOLNIR armour!!!! *sigh*

15 | kinggun says:

oh my god they are so artfully done is there ne chance that i could get one done of me

16 | jewish bastard says:

they look like they could spend some time in the oven. with me. i think i love you

17 | Diabloxboxqueen says:

XD!!! Yeah Chibis!! They are so cute! ^^"

18 | MIKE says:


19 | MIKE says:


20 | MIKE says:


21 | where's halo 3 at? says:

there cool and all but i just have one question, how do such big heads fit into such small helmets?

22 | LOX says:

D00D, Their helmets are big tooz!

23 | Julienboy says:

ur chibis take pwnage to a new level.

24 | JustAnotherHaloFan says:

that's a pretty cool drawing! im wondering too how their big heads could fit into such small helmets... actually its unusual seeing spartans w/ their helmets off... lol well anyway i liked it anyway ;D

25 | Cabbos says:

Tucker...Tucker...Tucker. I saw tucker i wonder if they will put me up. TTTUUUCCCKKKEERRR can u hear me?

26 | Goth Boy says:

That Isn't Chibi you idiots chibi is when the head and eyes are bigger than the body. Do your research right

27 | antin00b says:

hey, can you draw a chibi elite 4 me...please

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