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4 New Chapter Themes at Bungie.net! | mrsmiley { January 12, 2005 }

And 2 of them were made right here at HBN! Gruntsbane finally busted out his Halo Babies theme, and it looks awesome! I also got my Xbox theme posted!

If you aren't familiar with the 7th Column, it is a division of Bungie.net that allows you to make a "group" or "chapter." In this, you have your own forum, news page, databases, and other cool things. Check it out!

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1 | Ciaran says:

Great! Just keep em 'comin

2 | Mac says:

thats cool

3 | Sparkie says:

Oh so THAT'S what MSXL is....hehehehe. All this time I've thought it was part of HBN...that's awesome guys!

4 | Yayap says:


can i join?


5 | Jessethekidd says:

omg that is awesome ima fan! OF gruntsbane amd smiley now.

6 | T-MAC says:


7 | Jin says:

Cool..im a big fan of the first Halo , Halo 1 and Halo 2

8 | Antiherosk8er says:

Wow my chapter is there. Seven 7 Seven.

9 | StinkBOMB says:

This themes are awesome.

10 | andrew says:


11 | SPENCER says:

i think halo is so gay! it sucks really bad

12 | SPENCER says:

i think halo is so gay! it sucks really bad

13 | Brad Schilling says:

SPENCER sucks ass cause halo rules!

14 | halomaster says:


15 | NICK says:

spenc u suck ballz

16 | yo mom says:

spencer your suck your mom's ass and her goat's ass

17 | dead fire931 says:

what is everyone talking a bout??????

18 | halo hanible123 ABC says:

spencer just cause u can't afford dsl 4 xbox live dosen't mean u have 2 be a bizzzzzzzzzzzach

19 | spencer doesn't suck says:

my mom says i dont suck!

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