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Biggest. Fan Art Update. Ever. | mrsmiley { February 08, 2005 }

Oooh boy, I waited way to long to post this art update. I had at least 4 pages of Gallery artwork to sift through in the forum, not to mention the other sections! You guys are goin crazy! There are quite a few impressive new artists, and some fantastic new fan comics! Read on for the goods!


Ok ok, so I have been slacking a bit around here. ;) To make up for it, today I come to you with 13 pieces of featured Gallery art, plus a bunch of others! Sit back, relax, and don't look too closely at your screen...

Gallery Art

  • Ionaki 'Rinasupuree
    "Me in MJOLNIR" { comment } A stunning self portrait of a killer new artist!

  • akba
    "Slim Chief" { comment } This was posted over 2 months ago, and I forgot to feature it! It rocks.

  • Archangel
    "Finished: 3 Chiefs" { comment } A great job finishing Gruntsbane's original image.

  • Sparkie
    "Amadeus: Celestial Armor" { comment } A very "heavenly" take on Elite armor.
    "For the Ladies" { comment } LOL! Only Sparkie could pull off something so unexpected!

  • Grunt_monkey
    "Baby Elite" { comment } Simply well-drawn!
    "Baby Hunter" { comment } Coolest. Baby Huner. Ever.

  • 2phast
    "Halo 2 Marine" { comment } Way cool version of a Halo 2 marine. NOT in MSP; the style rocks!

  • HumanShield
    "Victory { comment } HS brings his unique art style to the table with this solemn piece.

  • Compassghost
    "Macross VF-1 Valkyrie" This post has a bunch of cool stuff. Check it out!

  • zero
    Wow, haven't seen this guy in a while! zero returns to us with 2 mind-bending works done via art.com's "Art Pad" feature! They both rock! (56K users should click "Skip to End")

    "Blue Elite" { comment }
    "Abstractish MC" { comment }

  • Speaking of cool stuff using the Art Pad, Gruntsbane posted a very cool pic of the MC using the tool. A cool way to check out how he draws the Baby MC!

    "Tutorial?" { comment }


  • she_ate_my_bus_accident
    "Ragnarok" { comment } Wierd name. Beautiful pic!

  • Sparkie
    "Sentinels" { comment } Somehow Sparkie can make anything in Halo seem cute.

  • Ionaki 'Rinasupuree
    "Halo Structure" { comment } Woah, I hope this gets finished!
  • Halo Fan Strips

    This section is just as active as ever. Some strips have kinda slowed down, while others have boosted their activity! A few active series strips that I recommend checking out are Journey to the Covenant Homeworld (strip 14 posted) and Real Halo (strip 9 posted), and The Defense of Eridanus II (strip 3 posted). There have been a couple new series strips that have just started and show good potential!

  • The Midnight Flare Chronicles by VampyricTurialim [current strips in series: 1] The first strip, and already a Pokemon reference. w00t!

  • Samus vs. Chief! by Sparkie [current strips in series: 2] A hilarious look at the imaginary match up!

    While you're at it, check out these great individual strips!

  • "Wrong Sniper" by VampyricTurialim

  • "Banshee Boarding Gone Wrong by DemonSpawn77 (previously canadian_sniper_god)

    Well that's all for this week. Hopefully next week's update will be smaller, cuz I need some sleep! =P

9 comments so far (leave your own)

1 | cheesemaster64 says:

how do you read the comics from the forum posts?

2 | Jack B. says:

yo i have no clue...

3 | Sparkie says:

YIKES! First thing I see is a big old fat Spartan staring at me. o.o Scary first thing in the mornin'. Hehehehe...banshee boarding gone wrong LMFAO. BTW Ragnarok is the name of the Viking Apocalypse. :D

4 | mrsmiley says:

The strips work now, I had the forum on some weird setting. Sorry! :)

5 | DemonSpawn77 says:

We have a lot of talent on here. More and more talented artists popping up. All the featured art ROCKS! w00t.

6 | Zealot Arbiter says:

wow. amazing...

7 | Falcon says:

All of this artwork is absolutely AWESOME, GUYS!!! Keep them coming! ;)

My favorite comic is the Banshee Boarding Gone Wrong comic! :)

I still think that the Banshee should have the fuel rod gun in multiplayer. Without the Fuel Rod Gun, the Banshee is 100% USELESS!!

For example, if you're flying a banshee in multiplayer and you encounter a enemy Scorpion Tank, without the fuel rod gun, YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH FIREPOWER!! What are you going to do then, HMMMMM???? :)

Sorry mrsmiley, I just had to make that point.

At any rate, this Artwork really rocks the house! I have to tell my friends to check this cool artwork out! :)

8 | dario says:

com essas fotos no meu pc nem preciso de revista porno!!!!!

9 | wizard-lord says:

even if they pop up new artist over and over agian i still think sparkie is the best,so here is a mission if you want it. Make a cute flood;J

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