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Get Well, KRACKA! | mrsmiley { February 08, 2005 }

Due to a recent injury, one of our beloved forum mods, KRACKA, will be taking a couple months off from the site. Gruntsbane drew a special Art Pad message for KRACKA here! Hopefully all that time away from Xbox Live won't take away your 1337 5k1llz too much! ;)

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1 | Gruntsbane says:

For those of you too lazy to read the thread, it was a wrist injury ;)

2 | REBELJON says:

To bad to hear about that, get well soon! we need u!

3 | Sparkie says:

Aww poor KRACKA. Get well soon man! I'd send ya a card But I don't have yer address heh. Hope the healing process goes well!!!

4 | Junpei says:

Sparkie, what about E-Cards? :)

Get well soon KRACKA

5 | blinxhunter says:

Get Well Kracka ^_^ We'll miss you on the forums

6 | Zero says:

Yea, get well Kracka. BTW excellent work everyone.

7 | Xashe says:

nice. hope you get better KRACKA!

8 | Spec.Op.Elite says:

get better soon KRACKA! and, just for the fun of it:

Refu-ah Sh'lemah! (Means get well in Hebrew)


Vizdrovlai Skorah! (ditto in russian)

9 | chris brown says:

The halo babies is the best web site ever because they are funny to read and I hope you send me a message thanks

10 | Falcon says:

Ouch! :(

I hope you get well soon, KRACKA! We need you to amuse us to death with your KILLER artwork! ;)

11 | Machinedog says:

Get well soon!!!

12 | halo bab says:


13 | Turok says:

HOLY CRAP DUDE!!!!! That is some awsome art err.... fingerwork!!!

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