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Say "Halo" to Your Valentine! | mrsmiley { February 14, 2005 }

A couple years ago Lorraine McLees released a few Halo Babies valentines on Bungie.net. Unfortunately, with the change over to the new site design, they got lost. Today being the special day that it is, I thought it appropriate to re-release these to those who didn't see them the first time!

All of these were drawn by Lorraine McLees of Bungie, and are property of Bungie Studios.

UPDATE: Hmmm... Louis Wu brought to my attention that the original news post is not lost, but can be found right here. Oh well, it was still good to bring these back to the surface one last time.


Guilty Spark

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1 | blinxhunter says:

yea first post woot! those are cool lol

2 | Dirge says:

yah they are cool!

3 | nutt says:


4 | Xashe says:

ROFL nice. i like them alot!

5 | JustAnotherHalofan says:

those are pretty cool. *thinks* yeah, i remember those posted on bungie.net too!:D great job

6 | Ryley217 says:

Those are really cute and colorful!

7 | Lord Buddha says:

Ooohhh, shiny!
That's really nice art

8 | Sigma says:

I wish we hadn't lost Skip Weasel's Guide to Love also!

9 | CYBRFRK says:

404 Error ;-)
Only on the GRUNT...odd

10 | mrsmiley says:

Must have been a random error, cuz the link works fine.

11 | Rival says:

Wow those are good for valentine cards

12 | project blam!!! says:

Isn't It a bad idea to shoot arrows with your eyes closed...ow!

13 | mrbacon90210 says:

wow, thats funny. mabey mr smiley is lazy? Noooo, that couldn't be it, he just couldn't find it. or could he.............

14 | halomasterr200 says:

yay 15th

15 | nightmare says:

hey yah, i was just talking about these to neo4, he printed these out and gave them to people at our school, lol

16 | mrsmiley says:

I don't know how I missed that news post, I searched everywhere! Oh well, the Wu master showed me up. Thanks for the info!

17 | Ripper 714 says:

Um..those are in the Art of Halo book. Sheesh, some people...


18 | mrsmiley says:

I knew that, but these are the original copies that were posted online, not scans from the book.

19 | Gruntsbane says:

Smiley taking heat just for trying to bring some love to all the lonely people. Where do they all come from?

20 | Falcon says:

Oh, Gruntsbane, maybe we just come from random locations from all over the U.S., U.K., and Canada!

I come from California, for example, where the girls are warm! Lol! ;)

Although, ironically, I don't want a girlfriend because a girlfriend is simply excess baggage and will just get in my way! :(

At any rate, I remember these Halo Valentines day cards from a year ago! They absolutely kick a--! (It's good to have personal censorship!) ;)

21 | caboose-1 says:

very cool art!they're good fun:
especially the chief.

22 | Machinedog says:

These are the same from last year i thought i have em' in my art of halo book.

23 | puny grunt says:

These are awesome! I think the grunt pic is best.

24 | The Little Grunt Who Could says:

nice :) i like the grunty-cupid its freakin hillarious (ps this is my first post EVER)

25 | l-lalo Live and Reloaded says:

1 that+stuff=pimpin
2 I think i've seen these on the bungie website...
3 Who gives...
4 (in who gives... i mean about the bungie website thing...)

26 | Zaburos says:

Yeah, my friend has the Halo Concept Art book and these are in there, also theres a pic of Cortana holding the Index and pointing at Guilty Spark...anysway, These are funny.......HAHAHA WORT, wort wort...

27 | HalokiDD says:

Cool but i already saw them on Bungie :C

28 | MSBartist says:

I love that Grunt =^__^=

29 | BunkaHumpa says:

These pics kick A-- i like the elite

30 | Lord_Halo99 says:


31 | gabitaa says:

HAHAHAHA they kick ass!! =D

32 | . says:


33 | the old fat Man says:


34 | Halo Babies fan says:

That's just wrong but funny, but cortana looks freaky with the eyes.

35 | The Gruntanator says:

Wow...these are great...But seeing guilty spark is scarry.... its like hes Taunghting u with that witty coment

36 | R, Kellys Doo Doo Butter says:


37 | Atomicduckman says:

There pretty funny

38 | Zio Matrix says:

343 guilty sparks makes it look scary

39 | Jayk_Carson says:

"I Wort Wort Wort you?"
LOL on that.

40 | Turok says:

Out of all 4, I like the grunt picture best =)

41 | nicolay says:

Good Job Lorriane McLees!

42 | NTP says:

The link for the grunt is broken.

43 | mark says:

I love them.
I have a request to see if you can get the halo christmas cards.


44 | lauren says:

Hey, it's been three years since you posted these, but thanks for keeping the images up! I lost my copies in a hd crash and have been sad ever since that I couldn't properly inform people how much I wort wort wort them. <3<3

45 | mrsmiley says:

My pleasure! I never pull anything down if I don't have to. Glad to be of service. :)

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