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Polar Bears, Bugs, and Smilies... | mrsmiley { February 15, 2005 }

What do these 3 things have in common? They are all part of today's art update!


This update definitly isn't near as large as the last one (thank God). The benefits of staying on top of things, I suppose! ;P

Gallery Art

  • Compassghost
    "The Origin of MisterSmiley" - When you make a flash animation about me, I post it in the art update! ;)

  • Deus'
    "All of my work" { comment } Holy crap! Crazy new concepts of the Master Chief's arsenal!

  • Sparkie
    "Squish" { comment } Sparkie works her magic again, this time on one of Halo 2's "bugs". This is the first fan art piece I've seen featuring these creatures!

  • elryanman
    "conflict" { comment } Very cool artpad drawing. Good use of transparency.
  • Sketchbook Art

  • MSBartist
    "Grunty Gallery - Some good stuff in there!

  • [Wod]Archer
    "That's gotta hurt" { comment } That elite got pwned.

  • she_ate_my_bus_accident
    "Free time drawing" { comment } Very cute self portrait of a talented new artist!

  • HumanShield
    "Practice Sketch" { comment } I like her hair! XD
  • Fan Strips

    Not much going on in this section. Part 2 of the MF Chronicles is up. There is also a pretty cool Half Life 2 series that uses the new "Gary's mod" to construct scenes of a story. It is called The Escape, and is pretty damn cool! A warning though, it takes quite a while to load, even with a fast connection!

    That's all for this week. Thanks for all the great art!

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1 | blinxhunter says:

woot first post^-^ cool drawings to all

2 | master_chiefette says:

w00t- Second!

3 | mr_igloo says:

wow im third.I hope. I hope nobody posted right before me..

4 | Xashe32 says:

wow nice that last one is... i think if cortana sent that to the master chief... "thats hot" ROFL

5 | Get it off! says:

Su-Weet! Squish is so... Squishy. "The Escape" pwns!

6 | The Little Grunt Who Could says:

nice job to all (nice flash vid.)

7 | l-lalo Live and Reloaded says:

What the heck is that... A... some kind of... aaaaa... whats the word... oh right... Its pimpingly sweet

8 | cheesemaster64 says:

the polar bear in the arbiter armor actually makes the arbiter armor look
good, great art stuffs

9 | Falcon says:

Wow! All of this new artwork absolutely kicks a--! Alright! More awesome artwork from Ryley217! Go Ryley217! Wooohoooo!! ;)

10 | whencowzattack says:

Whenever I see that polar bear in the Arbiter armor, I always think he is brushing his shoulders off...>.>

11 | Sabata00 says:

wow those are very nice!

12 | tgudina says:

too much time on your pretty little hands!

13 | china says:

damn cortana's tits are hot - JESUS I"M BEATING OFF TO IT NOW.

joking - watch this post get deleted....

14 | sparkie says:

*sigh* My dad is working to get his real estate site up and running, so my computer time has been nonexistent as of the past week. But, I've put in time on the halo novels and devoured them in 2 days flat. My fanfic is about to get a whole buttload more interesting. Im also going to post some art today. Oh...wait...heh almost forgot NICE WORK GUYS hehehe I liked the me smiley animation...XD

15 | PMintz says:

wow sparkies weapons look awsome!!
but why do they look like paintball guns??

16 | Machinedog says:

Those arent sparkies, and sparkie thats cool my mom does real estate investments.

17 | Arbiter says:

HEY!!!!!!he stole my armor

18 | ryan says:

wat up doggg

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