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When Art Updates | mrsmiley { March 08, 2005 }

Although these art updates tend to take quite a bit of work on my part, I always love the results! As always, we have tons of great art in this week's update. We also have a bunch of cool new Halo fan strips for you to check out!


This week there a few great non-Halo related pics. I love when I see people doing other characters besides Halo. Don't get me wrong, Halo is great, and there are certainly a lot of good pics, but every now and then something else is rereshing! =)

Gallery Art

  • Sparkie
    "Angelic Arbiter" { comment } Where would we be without the usual creative/awesome stuff from Sparkie?
    "Halo Welding Helmet" Sparkie decided to take her skills to a new canvas... a welding helmet! She somehow manages to pull anything off well, even with only an X-acto knife as a tool!

  • Raptor 27
    "Nightmare" and "Sheol" { comment } Very cool and unique Conevanant characters!

  • MookieRah
    "Crazy Master Chief" { comment } This just plain rocks! New artist alert!
    "Old Stuff" Gallery
  • - Some great gaming work; a slant towards SSBM.

  • Akba/Sparkies Boyfriend
    "Veritech Sparkie" [color, original] { comment } Sparkie guest stars in a sexay Veritech pic!

  • 2phast
    "New Style MC" { comment } Just when you thought MSP couldn't get any better...

    Sketchbook Art

  • Etoli
    "Feminine Elite Character Sheet" { comment } She is "leaning" towards a feminine looking Elite; seems like several artists are doing this nowadays.

  • elryanman
    "Elite Sketch { comment } Sweet sketch - over some other cool sketches... XD
    "Spec. Ops vs. MC" { comment } If only the MC could do that in the game... ;)

  • MookieRah
    "Tachyon WIP" { comment } "Megamanesque"
    "Mario is a badass" { comment } Wow, he really is! Lookin forward to seeing this finished!

  • lysergic
    "Hunter Sketch" [color, original] { comment } Very intricate drawing, and good job on coloring. (No shading, but still feature-worthy!)

  • Master Chef
    "Master Chief Again" { comment } Wicked cool style for this WIP. Done in MSP, too!
  • Halo Fan Strips
    I'm organizing this section a bit different, since there a bunch of new quality strips that have popped up. Hopefully this will be more convenient for you to navigate! Here is a break-down of the new categories:

    - Forum Series: An established comic series on this forum, that ranks relativly high in artistic quality, activity, and is well-received among members.

    - Feature: A one-time comic, or a new series that catches my eye; whether for artistic, or comedic purposes.

    Forum Series *updated this week*

  • MC and Cortana: Session 3.0 - Part 4

  • Journey to the Covenant Homeworld - Part 15

  • NEW SERIES! Leet and Masta. This is a hilarious new series by long-time forum member, MechaRaum, with a unique artistic style. It has been around for a bit, but it is now a Forum Series!
  • Features

  • Midnight Flare Chronicles: Part 3

  • Pimp it, Smiley!
  • Already, as I finish up this update, I see at least 4 or 5 new features for next week... GOSH!

18 comments so far (leave your own)

1 | MechaRaum says:

Wo0r, first post! Nice art guys!

2 | Dead 2 Brutes says:

Woot 2nd post I like de FEMALE ELITE EN THJE 2 N3W COVVIE

3 | Master Chef says:

WHoa! Something I did made it into an art update! Nice!

4 | A random mad halo fan says:

W00t 4th post!
another W00t for so great art update!!1
W00t w00t w00t!!111

5 | Sabata00 says:

5TH that crazy master chief one rocks!

6 | Sparkie says:

*is embarassed at the veritech stuff* Stupid BF...LOL Just kidding. Wow I was hoping my helmet would make a feature! I'm thinking of giving MSP a try sometime...

7 | RedRaptor says:

Sparkie...your BF's lucky. I don't know ANY hard-core gamer girls. I remember looking at your old MW stuff (Go Clan Jade Falcon!) and thinking: Man, what I wouldn't give to get a GF who does stuff like that! Crapp, Akba's here! RUN AWAY!

@The others: nice pix. Keep em coming!

8 | Sparkie says:

RedRaptor....do I know you from somewhere....the Origional Mechbay that kept crashing perhaps?

9 | sk8tergurl says:

im a hard core gurl.
im a serious punk and i skateboard
so i guess you know another one

10 | lysergic says:

Yay I'm in the update again!I really like the stuff in this update... w00t!

11 | RedRaptor says:

*thumbs up* Bingo. Mechbay was good, but the server wasn't.

12 | Sparkie says:

Hey redraptor, IM me sometime. My IM info is on the forum tho...are you on the forum, and as who?

13 | RedRaptor says:

Not on the forum...yet, but it'll be under this name. Better do it before MrSmiley bans me for spamming here. :)

14 | l-lalo Live and Reloaded says:

Ok... Lets get some thing straight... But first. Nice... Contiuing, you shouldn't use thing like, n3w,de,en,thje... Cause... That just proves your a nerd dude...

15 | Spartan51592 says:

the Master Chief ROX!!!

16 | spartan-128 says:

i make art bye free drawling they are good but can use some "spaz"

17 | eden says:

make master chief hijaking a cufudidt ship.

18 | Asina says:

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