A Chief's gotta hang his helmet somewhere!



Halo Babies Emoticons! | mrsmiley { March 10, 2005 }

Along with 25 smiley emoticons (NOT made by us), check out 5 exclusive Halo Babies emoticons in our first emoticon update! No Halo forum should be without these! ;)

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1 | narcogen says:

That should have been carnage.bungie.org, obviously.

2 | Halokid23 says:

See if you can find a twitch emoticon. We really need one.

3 | Sparkie says:

YES a twitch emoticon would be teh roxxors!

4 | the chief says:

brill smileys!master chief as a smiley - i wud neva of expected dat!

5 | mrsmiley says:

Thanks Narcogen! That rocks!

6 | Takky says:

Mmm.... Domo-kun...

7 | bill onie says:

i like bologna

8 | stryderkid says:

haha lol... bologna... that was VERY random lol

9 | A random mad halo fan says:

Too cool...

10 | A bum says:


11 | A random dude says:


12 | Tyler says:

Master Cheif Was One Tough Baby.
HE IS Also A Violent Baby.

13 | Travis says:

hey whos that cool dude on halo
1 and halo 2

14 | Travis says:

hey whos that cool dude on halo
1 and halo 2.

15 | Travis says:

hey whos that cool dude on halo
1 and halo 2.

16 | Paul says:

Master Chief Had A Thing For Guns. He Also Liked Using It.LoL.

17 | some dude says:

Master Chief is the best Spartan when it comes to guns. =)

18 | Some Halo Fan says:

Halo Rocks!!! :]

19 | Master Chief says:

I'm the cool dude on Halo 1 & 2

20 | Pauly says:

You all suck

21 | a noodle says:

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! sry, that wuz random, lol. I think the master chief is hot...don't worry, im a girl

22 | marvark says:

good for you... -.-

23 | a random guy says:

good for you noodle.

24 | another random guy says:

Master Chief is not hot ..... trust me.

25 | Pauly suks says:

Pauly,you suck too!!

26 | another noodle says says:

Master Chief is hot you bastard, yup I'm GAY!!!

27 | a noodle says says:


28 | A random mad halo fan says:

Calm down guys!
This ain't the forum!

29 | TheLord of All Gammer And Anime says:

halo is the fuckin bomb so is halo2 and halo3 will kick ass.

30 | master cheifs boyfriend says:


31 | the arbiter says:

i'm gonna get a fuckin toy drone baby!!!!!!!!

32 | An angry communist says:

The Master Cheif says you democratic bastards can all go fuck yourselves!!!!!!!!!!

33 | charles says:


34 | billy says:

it rocks out loud

35 | cole says:

man i wish you would put a babie flods.and babie grunts.and babie marines.

36 | jason says:

thanks its thats cool

37 | dog shit says:

im a fagget i love fucking dogs

38 | dog shit says:

i love jerking off in the bathroom and having sex with dogs and pigs add my msn czu im gay its really sweet like a dogs pussy fucking shit i love fucking pigs to(your mum i mean)

39 | tity shit cakes says:

...omfg your such a fagget i had sex with a grunt but never a dog....

40 | {CFH}devilkid COWBOYS FROM HELL says:

We are a clan and we will kick your butt

41 | master chiefs juicy cock says:

omg noobs go to www.meatspin.com
for some random halo stuff.
>:) enjoy!

42 | not a nerd says:


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44 | yoruy says:

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