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Short and Sweet | mrsmiley { April 11, 2005 }

Not a very big art update today, but definitly some cool stuff to check out - including our first featured video!


Ha! I bet you weren't expecting to see a ferret spartan any time soon in your life. I suppose he is good at slipping into bases via small holes unnoticed? =P I didn't just make this a short update because I am tired, I also... ok well maybe that is the only reason. But, we will be releasing something REALLY cool next week. A special site edition that I'm sure you will all enjoy. So check out the bits of art we have today, and stay tuned for next week!

Gallery Art

  • master_chiefette
    "Human Elite" { comment } t3H s3x4Y self portrait as an elite! Front view can be found here.

  • HumanShield
    "Yuna { comment } Another outstanding female game character from HS. One for you Final Fantasy fans.

  • Donut
    "Master Chief Masterpiece" { comment He doesn't need Photoshop to make the MC look good. A hard-earned and well done feature.

  • Dirge
    "Red Bull" { comment If you don't get this pic at first... you will soon! =D

  • 2phast
    "Go Tell iIt on the Mountain" { comment } This guy continues to whip out incredible MSP stuff. Nothing phases him!

  • Gruntsbane
    "Beasty" { comment } An insane school assignment: color this picture (artist unknown). Man...
  • HPC: Where Grenades Actually Do Something

    Quite a few people ahve submitted videos to our forum Gallery. Some are ok, but the majority are pretty run-of-the-mill collage vids. (Mr. Wu, I feel your pain!) However, this one really stuck out from the crowd. It's a collage, but time and effort were actually put into it... what a concept! Great editing, great song, and some awesome grenade work on Bloodgulch!

    Cha Cha Cha!: Obsessed with frags on BG | by PlasmaFire | comment
    (thanks to thatweasel.tv for hosting) I will post a mirror if I have to.

    That's all folks. There really is some cool stuff in our Sketchbook, as well as some cool new Fan Strips, but you'll just have to find them for yourself. I hope everyone gets more sleep than I do! =)

27 comments so far (leave your own)

1 | Turialim says:

1st comment W00T!

I love the weasel! Would love the video but i cant watch it for some reason...

2 | Andrew-Sama says:

LOL I love the video! He's DAMN good with frag grenades!

3 | sparkie says:

I can't see the vids unfortunately, but by the end of this week I should have my own computer so that I can see it,w00t. Nice pics BTW...I like the ferret! I want one but they're illegal in Cali. :(

4 | The Real Spawn says:


5 | Almar says:

awesome pics!

6 | the chief says:

this is all incredible! the video is the best though :-)

7 | red snow says:

awsome art

8 | Machinedog says:

Sparkie-"...I like the ferret! I want one but they're illegal in Cali. :("...how can they be illegal? Ayway great update once again. Hehe the floodling in m_c's pic is so cute...not to mention how she looks in elite armor. O.O

9 | Dirge says:

woo hoo! ferrets are so adorable :3

10 | Tucker RvB says:

Dude i love the FF pic (shes alot hotter drawn than in game) also HOLY CRAP that gernaider is awsome, i mean really (wish i was good *cries*)

11 | master_chiefette says:

o_o That video is AWESOME. Just.. awesome.

You're tired? I only got about 8 hours of sleep during the weekend. That means.. 4 hours of sleep per day. I fell asleep at 2 in the morning, and woke up at six! ;-; Badness.

12 | HaloFighter92 says:


13 | Humbaba says:

Thought the video was great how it was mixed together with the music. But not thaaat great. For all I know those grenade kills could be recordings from a month of play. Still, a fun watch. Good job.

14 | Jayk_Carson says:

Movie is funny. I wish I was that good with frags on the first Halo. because on the second one it is easy cause they don't bounce real good.

15 | Zukan says:

really cool pic! Make an elite version too ^^

16 | Sheikurl says:

y is the vid 27.7 mb, i cant download it!!!!!!!!!!

17 | rommaster2005 says:

totally awsome drawing dude send it to game informer dude you would so win and you get free shit mauahahahah oh god halo runs my life someone free me from this lovely prison

18 | dark zealot says:

the chick is ssssssoooooooooooooo hot

19 | dirge says:

Dude- nice. Love the frag video.shite.nice zombie/whatever drawing. It's so beautiful i cried *sniffles*
ps- there's another dirge? huh.

20 | Dirge says:

O.o...another Dirge? for a second I thought someone was using my name to get me in trouble

21 | Yayap says:

I wish the nades were that powerful in Halo 2. :(

22 | evilguineapig says:

nice pics, but the video wasn't that impressive....

23 | ha says:

yo guys this is the coolest new pictures in halo babies:). halo 2 rocks!!!!!!!!!!

24 | Spartan Killer says:

This website is the best halo2 site by far!sweet pics and video (sorry about my email but i am planning 2 change it since i got an X-box.;[

25 | spartanli'boy says:

DAm that movie kicks ass, i wish i was so good with those things. but best of all is the kickass music!!

26 | a hunter says:

dam he kicks ass he is a lot better then me ... of course

27 | Cabose says:

2 words. Best fragger

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