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Reely Cool Demo | mrsmiley { April 15, 2005 }

Today we are continuing to spread some much-needed love to our misc section. As an addition to his online resume, Gruntsbane has made a "demo reel." We have made it availabe to everyone in both Quicktime (thanks, HBO!) and Windows Media formats.

This short video contains plenty of great artwork from Joel, as well as the first brief peak at the CGI movie that Gruntsbane and several artists have been working on for a long time now. Expect to see that released right here sometime this summer! (It's not Halo related.) The video itself is under 11MB in both formats, so be sure to check it out!

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1 | spartan 117 says:

first comment cool the video is so good i like it lots

2 | Halokid23 says:

Comment numero dos! Awesome stuff there GB. Can't wait for the movie!

3 | Necromas says:

Awsome, looks sweet!


4 | MarkHawk says:

Nice skills and awesome work on shading. Love the bear mounted skull and the character McNute is quite cool. I Loved to see more of this persons work.
Where doe he attend college?

5 | Lord_Halo99 says:

This gets my LORDINESS APPROVAL very well done Gruntsbane

6 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

sweet!!! i love that rock giant thing!

7 | Loknar64 says:

Sweet work GB! The face in the rock is sweet!

8 | Untouchable says:

Rockit lonchers are fun to blow things up with!!!

9 | killer113 says:

i love shooting people with sniper rifles

10 | m3gan00b says:

Nice.The animation for the cartoon in the beginning I don't recognize, however. Beautiful life drawings.

11 | hamad says:

sweet thats the best thing ever

12 | Moses says:

HEY PEOPLE im moses and i like to say, i donno i just like going on these chat thingys :D

13 | jayrod says:

that was the best thing ive ever seen ...........my eyes melted off

14 | nick says:

cool pics dude!

15 | luenatic says:

yup 15

16 | billy says:

it was cool

17 | dean says:

halo is great and im a god on it ican never die i get shoot millions of times but dont die if you want the spartan god suit email me k

18 | dean says:

who wants a triding wepon it so cool and you get to fly a pelican on one player and multiplayer email me now!

19 | WTF? says:

Mods, please remove both the post before this, as well as this one. Is this a link farm? Google actually links to this site from a midi ringtone search result page.

20 | Lil DanDan says:

I LOVe killing nigga when they try to get big on my

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