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Gruntsbane's Guide to Making a Comic | mrsmiley { April 18, 2005 }

Almost since I opened this website about 2 years ago, Gruntsbane has always been asked the simple question, "How do you do it?" Every week he comes with a new comic that always displays incredible artistic talent. Well, all of Joel's secrets are now revealed!

So THAT's how he does it!

In our spree of updates to our misc section we bring to you the first ever comic tutorial by Gruntsbane, the Halo Babies artist. This tutorial is not at all definitive, and we encourage you to come up with your own unique styles when drawing a comic. However, in it, Joel reveals several methods that he uses to put that "polished" feeling into his work. He even includes a couple .psd files for those of you with Photoshop to check out!

I say, you should give it a look!

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1 | gruntsbane says:

My secrets! Noo!

2 | Halokid23 says:

Ha ha! (w00t second post!)

3 | Lord_Halo99 says:

Don't worry GB I won't tell anyone outside of HBN (w00t third post)

4 | ~Trail says:

Nice! But I'll leave the comics to the pros.

5 | lysergic says:

Sweet! [woot 5th]

6 | Zareus says:

mahahahahahhahaha now with these secrets i can rule the whole world mahahahahahahaha

7 | Xashe32 says:

...secrets... i cant keep secrets... "NOOO... you didn't hear that. You are um hearing things!"

8 | The Great Wazoo says:

mwuhahah, i disagree. now i can spread these plans and cause PANDEMONIUM!!!! PANDEMONIUM!!! MWUHAHAHHAAHHAHA!!

(w00t... 8th...post...?)

9 | Tucker RvB says:

umm i cant even make an avatar , so crap im $cr&w&d at this "Art" thing
Spartan 1-1/2 Signing Off.......

10 | Some Dude(SEPH1085) says:

Hey, Zareus! You're wrong, I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!MWAHAHA. MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA *cough, cough, weeze*. Ahem. I'm okay!

11 | Dirge says:

mwahaha! I shall use this to my advantage!...j/k =)I've been making my own comics since the 6th grade...

12 | NinjaLemming says:

I just showed up hahahah

13 | Eibe 'Niqaree says:

meheheheheheh... with this information, I SHALL RULE THE WORLD... wait...

14 | elementbam says:

Dont worry dude and Eibe and all of u we cant gruntsbanes makes the best and all of urs going to suck dude well seeya guys

15 | Boyks says:

That was actually quite informational and a good walkthrough. Now if only I had any artistic talent at all....

16 | Mr.Megan00b says:

no artistic talent I have.hmmm!

17 | Teecee says:

Might try that sometime. Looks interesting. [w00t 17th]

18 | Zealot Arbiter says:

l8 post WOOT.

18-lucky number

lol. thx for the help Gruntsbane ^^


With this guide i will take over this world......while listening to britney spears! Woo hoo!!! MEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (19......w00t?)

20 | DeathXP32 says:

This seems too difficult for me even with the pictures to show me how to do it.

21 | Falcon says:

Wow! Awesome tutorial, mrsmiley and Gruntsbane! That is SO complicated that I can't even BEGIN to comprehend it. O_O

Be aware, comprehension IS a weakness of mine... :(

22 | darius says:

this was very useful help.

23 | InZane says:

Yay a cg colouring/comic making tutorial. Just what I needed.
Great work Gruntsbane, as always.

24 | Sparten Haze says:

Sweet,tha secrets been revealed!

25 | ghostdemon says:

u think i can keep a secret an secret noo i cant ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h

26 | Big Bob says:

Well, this aint much of a secret so, I would say this is wierd.

27 | Normal Phobic says:

Yeah Big Bob is right, this is not much of a secret due to the fact that I could shove a link of it on... Dunno...HB... Oh no.........Oh! on my site that no-one ever goes to!

28 | dube says:

You suck at making comics

29 | some guy says:

you are the worst i hate you by

30 | Dark Craler says:

The place we go is noth then south?

31 | Dark Craler says:


32 | HaloChief 97 says:

so who cares dube i don't

33 | Butch dude says:

OOOOOOOOOOOh thats how lmao

34 | homer says:

grunts all the way

35 | jonn2 says:

bob marley and the wailers

36 | Asina says:

37 | bzyrxervujn says:

man fucks horse

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