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HaloBabies Goes Red and Blue! [NEW CONTEST!] | mrsmiley { August 05, 2005 }

I may have been gone for a while, but that didn't stop my scheming! It's been a while since HBN has seen a decent contest. So here we are with a new one! What's up for grabs? A set of all 3 seasons of Red vs. Blue, and more!

Whether you like RedvsBlue or not, you cannot deny the absolutely enormous impact that it has had on today's Halo fan community, and practically the world! Burnie and Gfunk were kind enough to send a few of their brand new Season 3 DVDs to give away to you, our beloved fans here at HBN!

What do I do?
This is probably the easiest contest we have ever had. Practically no skill is needed. All you need to do, is come up with a HaloBabies comic idea that involves Red vs. Blue in some way! That's it! Keep in mind that this will be a HaloBabies comic with a RedvsBlue theme, so the usual HBN standards of decency will apply, as will our commitment to the baby theme of the strip!

An example of a good entry for this contest would take the following format:

Setting: In a box canyon in the middle of nowhere.

Panel 1: Church is standing in giant jar of honey mustard inside red base.

Panel 2: Sarge walks up and asks, "What are you doing!?"

Panel 3: Church answers, "BBQ SUCKS!"

Yeah... but hopefully it will be funnier than that.

----> e-mail entries to: along with both your HBN forum user name and your real name!

What will I win?
There will be a winner, and a runner-up. The winner will receive all 3 seasons of Red vs. Blue on DVD, as well as a framed print of their comic strip idea when it is brought to life by Gruntsbane. Their strip will be featured on here as one of our official weekly strips as well. Talk about bragging rights!

The runner-up will receive a Red vs. Blue Season 3 DVD.

- You must have a registered account here at HBN to enter. It's quite easy to do so, so if you don't have one, register now!
- Keep it clean. This is Halo Babies after all!
- Your strip idea can span from 1 to 6 panels.
- You may submit 3 strip ideas, so you're in luck if you can't choose just one! SUBMIT ALL 3 IN ONE E-MAIL!
- You don't have to, but a rough sketch of your strip would greatly help in visualizing your idea. If you can't draw anything, be sure to be very discriptive in your entry!
- ALL ENTRIES DATED AFTER 11:59 ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 21, WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The entries will be judged, and the winner and runner-up will be announced on Friday, August 26.
- Entry MUST be e-mailed to: to be accepted.

If you have any questions concerning the contest, please leave a comment and I will try to answer you in this post.

Good luck, and have fun!

Q&A: Updated 8/05 | 12:24 PST

- donut asks: "can i possibly PM my entry for the competition?"

I'm sorry, e-mails only. I need to have a record of your entries all in one place. It is very easy to set up a free e-mail account with hotmail, yahoo, etc. Since those are web-based, they will not be monitored by work.

- donut asks: "if i was to win would you actually pay for postage to Northern Ireland?"

Of course. I will send the prizes wherever the winner lives.

- donut asks: "will the DVDs work on a DVD player/Xbox/PS2/PC in Northern Ireland?"

viewdrix answers: "The RvB DVD's are region-free. They should be able to work in all DVD players, internationally. They also support NTSC and work in DVD drives of consoles and computers."

- sQuEaK asks: "do the ideas have to have the red vs blue characters and locations or can it be an ordinary halo babies comic with master chief and friends, with refference to redvsblue?"

Either way is fine. As long as something from RvB makes it to the strip, we can all gome home happy.

- donut asks: "Will all of the submissions be made viewable after the competition?"

That's a good question. We might put up a group of the runners up depending on how many entries there are.

- a couple people said: "I would enter but I already have all 3 seasons."

Enter anyways, we'll just give the DVDs to the next best entry, and you'll still get your strip posted! Be sure to let us know in your entry if you don't want the DVDs.

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1 | Dork Force One says:

Dude, this is going to be awsome!

2 | Hells Sinner says:

Yes! I hope I win so I can clear up some space on my harddrive!

3 | sQuEaK says:

i have some great ideas. they will reach your inbox in no time!

4 | Hells Sinner says:

Like right now

5 | Godius Prophetus says:

Hmm I think I think it's time the tru7h was told. (Can't give away too much information on my idea now)

Nice idea guys.

6 | MrLoafmiester says:

NICE!!! I've got some great ideas!

7 | This Dude says:

im just putting something here cause im really bored

8 | Lord_Halo99 says:

I'm off to my thinking place. which coincidently is in my basement with my Xbox

9 | Adams06 says:

Wow, Donut asks a lot of questions. This contest looks pretty sweet Smiley, hopefully my ingenious mind will be able to brew up a winner.

10 | firehawk12 says:

nice!finally Red Vs. Blue is reconized.
Yea 14th post!!!

11 | whencowzattack says:

Marketing scheme...=P Good idea though, I would have entered, but I have no ideas. At all. XD

12 | DemonSpawn77 says:

Hmm. I'd better get my brain in gear and think!

13 | Balefire 1 says:

I would enter, but I need too sleeeeeeeeeeeefp nnooowffff f dkkkkkk fnknnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

14 | Jaxx says:

Great sounding contest guys. Good luck to everybody who enters. :)

15 | Meta-Knight says:

Too Late... I got all 3 seasons of Red vs Blue. One of the most funniest stuff on DVD. Though it would be nice to have my own comic published on HBN. I'll think about it...

16 | RoanHorse says:

Ohemjee! I've got so many ideas!

17 | master_chiefette says:

OMGZ. Dude, this is cool.

18 | luenatic says:

I'm on this thing like something that is on another thing. good idea.

19 | a freak-yeti says:


20 | Flood Grunta says:

oh yay! I can only find the dvds in dollars and now i COULD get one!w00t!=D

21 | Sparkie says:

Crap I suck at writing out comics...I'm better at drawing, but I will try! Perhaps I can send in thumbnails....?

22 | Davy the halo master says:

That is cool smart ones :)

23 | donut says:

wow... i do ask a lot of questions! look at them all up there...

Anyways, i asked all dem questions, now i cant think of anything to use in the competition.


24 | The Curator says:


25 | Squattingb says:

I entered! Good luck to everybody who does! May the corniest joke win! :lol:
just joking XD

26 | mrsmiley says:

Uh... sparkie, did you read the rules? I said you could send in images if you want.

27 | Gold_Leader says:

One thing...when you win will you send a e-mail to the person and ask them for there address so you know were to send it?

28 | mrsmiley says:

oh man... so many sarcastic answers i can give! ok i'll be nice just this once. YES.

29 | Ryley217 says:

Hmmm if only I could think up something good in that amount of time that is left, I think I nmight give it a try:)

30 | SinisterMonkey says:

I need to win, I can't afford the DVD,s so I hope I win (But I'm a kid so I stand no chance)
What do the runner up's get?

31 | soldier man says:

darn i entered my thought before i registered oh yeah and when my account has been approved does the thing send me an e-mai instantly?

32 | mrsmiley says:

You should receive an e-mail confirming your account soon after.

33 | HaloGod says:


34 | HaloGod says:


35 | Sheikurl says:

ive never seen redvsblue so i dont no who the characters are

36 | Sheikurl says:

ive never seen redvsblue so i dont no who the characters are

37 | Sheikurl says:

forget wot i just sed

38 | Sheikurl says:

MrSmiley, how long do you have to wait for the confirmation e-mail?

39 | mmmm donutss says:

lol he is a nerd [_ O [_ ok hmm something funny hmmm?

40 | Sheikurl says:

i sent my srip yesterday and i still havent received the confirmation e-mail, what should i do?

41 | Mikey says:

Hey is that 11:59 pacific time, because I live in eastern, and I didn't see the contest until like 2 am over here, adn my idea could very well win, is this a problem or once again has fate played a cruel trick?

42 | Sheikurl says:

come on mrsmiley, its the 29th and we stil havent got the results for the contest! wot the hells goin on!?

43 | x elite says:

woot red vs blue is hilarious and episode 58 of the 4th season has come out WOOT!!!

44 | john says:

red vs blue fucking sucks assholes

45 | catfish_grenades says:

Im a bigger fan of Fire Team Charlie, but I also love red vs blue. Caboose (however you spell it) and Doghnut are the funniest characters!!!!!!!!!

46 | catfish_grenades says:

this is so fkn awesome!!!! :P

47 | Emo_grenader says:

I've watch it n showed to so many friends its so fucking weird yet me my friends george n james can say the episodes word to word so keep up the gd work!!!!!

48 | fire fighter says:

wow... i never knew something so small could be so funny, thank god for RvB...

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