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The Symbol Life | mrsmiley { August 06, 2005 }

You've got to check out this fresh new webcomic by long-time HBN forum-goer, Murph MacManus! Murph recently informed me that he has been using his LiveJournal account as a hub for a clever new web comic series that revolves around the use of "symbol people" (you know, the kind you see on restroom signs?).

The strips are not all entirely Halo related, but many do relate to gaming. I think this one is one of the funniest so far - it had me rolling! Be sure to swing by the main page and tell Murph what you think! It's an honor to see one of the original members of this community striking off on his own webcomic endeavor. The best of luck to you!

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1 | AnubisUK says:

Looks good, people are always looking for new comics to read.

2 | donut says:

these are very clever, in fact... theyre genius!
nice one Murph MacManus, keep it up.

3 | Hmm... says:


4 | snowmanaxt says:

Nice find.

5 | Dork Force One says:

haha, thats funny.

6 | that one guy says:

ha! this is pretty funny. and it's oh so very ture what he said about CAD.

7 | Gruntsbane says:

Cool concept, Murph. I like where it's going.

8 | Polarbear says:

You really have to wonder what they're thinking. Free publicity is a GOOD thing..Well, it's gonna be HBN soon. And we will all give up our last names.
Bob Microsoft..Jane Microsoft..they will OWN us!

9 | Murph says:

Hey thanks for all the comments guys. Thanks especially to Smiley for posting my site on the front page. Hopefully, I'll get some more regular viewers. Don't forget to comment on the comic page, whether you like it or you hate it!

10 | davy the halo master says:

I have to say every comic u guys make is funny and good and i have some ideas for some comics to

11 | Balefire says:

Wow, what a zinger! You're right though, Microsoft is just being a little too possessive of "their" creation. (In quotes because Bungie really made it)

12 | Jebus says:

Damn straight, johhnyrico. Absath gets this idea that because he has a girlfriend and can draw he must be some kind of internet celebrity. One time, i emailed him about a picture not showing up on the website, and asked if it was a mistake in the code. then he got all indignant on me. What an asshole. Murph, you've got another fan.

13 | firehawk12 says:

very original;)

14 | johnnyrico says:

yeah jebus, he's just a megalomaniac who gets too much donations.
especially for crap plots of a completely retarded gaming addict who somehow manages to urn his Xbox into a sentient robot and the robot turns crazy.

to hell with absath, the people who donate to that ass should stop making him filthy rich and donate some more to halobabies.

15 | /. says:

Prepare to be Slashdotted

16 | /. says:

Prepare to be Slashdotted

17 | johnnyrico says:

*slashdots /. for posting completely offtopic*
seriously, ppl can miss idiots who only post offtopic like a toothache

18 | >=0 says:

i hate the slash dot. i don't know what it means. i mean come on. what idiot does. do you? anyone?! am i the only one talking?! HELLO?! ................................................../.

19 | I'm just a guest says:

Funny stuff! They're like the secret service or something... hey, you should give them little ear communicator thingies...

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