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Red vs. Blue Chooses a Winner! | mrsmiley { August 31, 2005 }

That's right, the judges of this contest were none other than the guys from RedvsBlue themselves! We had over 60 people enter this contest. With most of them having 3 comics per entry, that's close to 150 different strips that had to be looked at and judged! It wasn't an easy process, but Burnie sent me their pick for the winner/runner-up a few moments ago, and now I'm gonna share them with you!

The winner of the first ever Halo Babies Goes Red and Blue contest is Spencer Kern, also known as nrek on our forums! Spencer has won himself all 3 seasons of RedvsBlue, along with a framed copy of his strip when it gets featured as comic #102 on this site! Congrats, Spencer, I'm glad a long time member/artist from this site like you won!

There were so many good entries, we chose 2 runner-ups!

The first runner-up position goes to Robert Feil, also known as pbdemon. The second runner-up award goes to Collin Chew, aka Ripper 714. Both of these gentlement will be receiving a copy of the new RedvsBlue Season 3 DVD. They also may just have their strips featured as well, since they are both hilarious! Congrats!

Thanks to all who entered, we got a ton of great ideas! If we decide to use any for future strips, you can be sure your name will appear on them somewhere. Cheers!

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1 | Hunter says:

woot!!! 1st good job guys

2 | MajorMercenary says:

woot!!! 2nd post great job demon and ripper

3 | Gruntsbane says:

yo 3rd aint bad my peeps break it down yall

4 | Chirs says:

4th o ya 4th is the charm

5 | DemonSpawn77 says:

Oh cool. Congrats to you, nrek!

6 | Shady says:

6th.. Cant wait to see the comic i bet its great anyone see the new Rvb episode BOW CHICKA BOWWOW

7 | gruntsbane says:

Yeah, my peeps, I'm breakin it down with this new gangsta lingo. Either that or someone is impersonating me and wants to get banned.

8 | MajorMercenary says:

hey impersanating gruntsbane is not cool whoever did that should be destroyed

9 | Ripper 714 says:

Good job Nrek!

Wow, I won!
Smiley, how are all the ideas going to be released if they are at all?

10 | Ripper 714 says:

Holy crap! I get a prize! No way man!

[speech box]
I would like to thank you Smiley and Gruntsbane, for just being so dang cool. That and RvB guys (and girls) [/speech box]

Wow! I get the DVD!

11 | A random mad halo fan says:

Wow,i got teh eleventh post !

12 | mrsmiley says:

Hehe Ripper you should be thanking the guys at RvB for the prizes! ;) If we use your idea in a strip, it would be released as a normal weekly strip.

13 | a guy called donut, you may have heard of him says:

wow congrats nrek!
enjoy those DVDs you lucky *-radio edit-*

woots for ripper and pbdemon too...

I cant wait to see this strip, if the guys at RvB thought it was funny, then it has to be good!

14 | Sheikurl says:

congrats to the winners. im anoyd that i didnt win, but oh well. i new i woodnt

15 | crouching lurker hidden noob says:

wow new comics coming out soon, season 4 of RvB released. :) i think i'm in heaven

16 | Necromas says:

Woots for nrek!

17 | master_chiefette says:

Awesome. You're gonna burn it for me, right? ;)

Kidding. Nice job, dudes. I can't wait to see the comicz!

18 | squattingb says:

Nrek! No competition there! hahaha, great job! Go you!
Ah well... I tried :P
congrats to Ripper and pbdemon!

19 | Spartan-055 Pete says:

Well done guys

20 | thegoldelite says:

damn. and i thought i was gonna win...oh well, can't wait to see the new strip!

21 | MajorMercenary says:

oops forgot to congradulate nrek
sooooooo good job nrek

22 | RezSav says:

I wasn't able to get in on the contest because I didn't get the notice for my name to be confirmed until the 2 days after it was over

23 | mrsmiley says:


24 | sean says:

woot woot, this is awesome

25 | bellboy says:

wort wort wort, wort wooooort!, wort wort!

26 | gruntsbane says:

i suck muthas!

27 | Dork Force One says:

awww man...i had the best strip. Well congrats nrek *cough*lucky basterd*cough*

28 | Chiron says:

Are any of the submissions available for viewing? I'd like to see what they looked like myself...

29 | johnnyrico says:

will the person who thinks he's cool by pretending to be Gruntsbane please leave this sie and get a life?

30 | ScoobyDoo says:

did you guys hear about the new scooby doo game coming out?!?! its going to be so cool dude!

31 | Fire freak says:

wow good job all!! i hope 2 get some of my halo babie comics on to some time : )

32 | Sparkie says:

For some reason, I had a premonition that nrek was going to win this contest. Don't ask why...but the thought popped into my head like 1 second before looking at the topic. WOO NREK

33 | luke says:

hahahahahahaha crouchin tiger hidden noob.......heh.....thats funnyness

34 | stark will says:

that was fuuuuuuuuuuun man IIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT wuz cool say can III have an action figure.

35 | boobies says:

that was pure pish

36 | cunny funt says:

knock knock
whos ther:
wee boy
wee boy who?
wee boy that canny reach the doorbell

37 | nathan says:

ghost banshie hog oh hi dood

38 | nathan says:

good you got it

39 | scoobydoo says:

i,m sorrey doods.

40 | if asfdcagfdfgdsafgdsafsfsafsfsdsfadsfdsfsafsadsafdsfadsadsafdasfsdasfdsafsdafsadsfdsafsadfsdasfdsaf says:


41 | dumdum says:


42 | The Ultimate syce its jahquin says:

i choose the red side in red vs blue. because i like red and hate blue... blue also has that retard cabose

43 | stark will says:

OH pish posh my grandma can play better than that so pay up I want that action figure!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

44 | stark will says:

OH pish posh my grandma can play better than that so pay up I want that action figure!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

45 | yay says:

I like Halo and when is the fouth season of RvB coming out?

46 | yay says:

Does any one know or care or does
just no one come here any more?

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