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Halo Babies Store! | mrsmiley { November 25, 2005 }

After hundreds - heck, maybe even thousands - of requests for Halo Babies merchandise over the years, we are finally taking our first step towards this! Because we aren't licensed officially by Microsoft, we went the way of RedvsBlue.com by making shirts that don't necessarily have direct Halo images on them. Just in time for the holidays! Please read on for impoortant information...

We have been trying to get licensing from Microsoft for years, with no success. The marketing department for Halo is only slightly busy with both Halo games, toys, books, a movie, and plenty of other licensing nightmares. But we still want to give you guys at least SOMETHING to use to rep HBN!

The current products in the store are not final.

You may notice some of the shirts have images on them. Our hope is that these shirts will make it past the CafePress license evaluation process. However, if they do not, CP may require that they be removed from the store. All of the products that contain images, save for the Cortana shirt, are not direct Halo characters, but rather characters with likenesses to characters based in Halo. I will keep you all up to date with which shirts stay and which shirts go!

We currently have available:
- 2 ladies Ts
- 3 guys (unisex) Ts
- 1 sweat shirt
- 1 long-sleave
- 1 bumper sticker
- 1 artwork framed print

SAVE $5 when you use the discount code "ASTUTEBREATH"! (through Dec 1, 2005)

For now, you can get to our store by visiting halobabies.net/store. I will be adding this item to our site nav very soon for easy navigation.

If you have some cool ideas for Halo Babies products, let us know!

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1 | The_Eliminator says:

Time for some christmas shopping...

2 | nathan says:

awsome!!! second post

3 | s.p.n.k.r says:

woot! third post!

4 | PlasmaFire says:

Since Black Friday begins the holiday shopping season...how nice is this? Awesome. :D

5 | TheComet says:

Hey there's something you can do with some of the art updates! :D
"Proud to be a Baby" lol, I want to get my hands on one of those ;)

6 | mrsmiley says:

coffee mugs, as well as other products are coming soon! i'll try to release some new stuff beginning of december, =)

7 | Blinxhunter says:

There were those who said this day would never come...what have they to say now. ^_^ AWESOME!!!

8 | ash says:


9 | Adams06 says:

Are you gonna use some of Sparkie's mousepad designs for your store there smiley?

10 | Sheikurl says:

kool, ive got 2 bye something. so many beautiful things. i cannot possess them all. *cries*

11 | Damatee says:

Halo Babies merchendise...

Sweet... xmas shopping time

12 | Lord_Halo99 says:

It's so beautiful *sob sob* Thanks smiley, Christmas just got a little bit more babyish.

13 | Another_Addicted_Person says:

First post ever. Just a random thought; How about including (if they'll let you do this) having a picture of a marine decked out with his standard-issue buttsock? After all, Halobabies IS the home of the buttsock.

14 | mrsmiley says:

We're actually working on some buttsock designs at the moment. I hope to have them out before Christmas!

15 | whosayspigscantfly says:

I realy thought that you would never do it. Time for a shoping spree

16 | Hunter66 says:

Hey, I may be the only one to notice this, but when I go to the shop the MC at the top of the page's head is cut in half......

17 | Hunter66 says:

Oh, and he's cut in half at the waist too.....

18 | mrsmiley says:

yeah thanks for the heads up. i just haven't had time to take care of this since the release. i'll fix it soon. :)

19 | Hunter66 says:


20 | joey says:

awesome Way to go Shopping spree alert

21 | R says:

do you guys know where we can get a Halo baby stroller?

22 | ADAM says:

Is this a joke? Well I like Machinima but this is too far.You guys are making fun of the chief cuz you like him.

23 | ADAM says:

I hate this website, it makes me sick.=(.So I Say:BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24 | ADAM says:

I'd love to admit I'm EVIL but who would even make fun of the Halo games?(Well Machinima does it a little but they're cool.)The freak with you people.

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