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New Store Stuff for the Holidays | mrsmiley { November 27, 2005 }

This site now features a link to our brand new store in our nav menu! (Also, I removed the news 'archive' link and added it to the top of the news page.) We will be releasing at least one new product every week up until Christmas, so be sure to swing by the Halo Babies store often! Today marks our very first "member-made" shirt; custom designed by several members of our forum! Swing by the official HBN Store thread in our forum for all the official product/store updates.

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1 | K0mm@nd3rGr33 says:

The Cowboy Ninja Nazi Pirate Zombie Penguin and his mine-laying turtle own all. 'Nuff said. Oh, and first post. :P

2 | PlasmaFire says:

That 2phast...always making stuff to make us drool a flood. :)

3 | ash says:

yay 3rd post

4 | Ripper714 says:

Silly 2phast.

Errr, you might get flamed for the nazi part of it....

5 | bla says:

aaaaaaaa i see dead pepel!!!!1

6 | Leo says:

SNAP-A-DOODLE DOOOOO....that turtle guy shirt is so awesome, the written part in te back wasd the best, it just made the shirt lol

7TH post hehehe

7 | THaloKill says:

So do we finaly get T-shirts for beating the staff? cause they are realy over due....

8 | Halo3boy says:

Hey where is Halo 3? I mean come on havn't we waited long enough

9 | Abdallah says:

Why is the section called psp 1.0???

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