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The Halo Room | mrsmiley { June 28, 2006 }

Recently over at Bungie net, a guy by the name of Namloco was featured in a brief article about his insane Halo room. I had contacted him for an interview before the Bungie article, but apparently they beat me to the punch with the release. Oh well, Namloco was kind enough to give us an in-depth interview, as well as never-before-seen pics of this artistic Halo masterpiece!

So, who are you exactly?
Namloco is my gamer-tag I go by, but behind the mask Im just a normal but extremely huge Halo nerd (Arent we all?) Also a full time proud father and husband that lives in the Toledo, Ohio area. Im someone that enjoys a good night of team play and some friendly banter to boot, you know, to let some of the stress of the day roll off my ripped to perfection Spartan chest. LoL. Im by far not well off, but just fit right in the middle class Joe Schmoo range. I like to consider myself a x-generation gamer whose grown up with the industry step by step, counsel by counsel, and has enjoyed the majority of my lifes sunrises through bloodshot eyes after a marathon of gaming.

Ahh... bloodshot eyes - a nerd's favorite! So why Halo?
Mainly because I believe that this game if any, has brought our generation to a whole new level of graphics, game play, and all around fun to the average gamer that cant afford a top of the line computer with all the assorted high-end graphic cards. Lets face it, for the gamer under 18, an Xbox and or a 360 with Halo in it, is still cheaper than a gaming computer! So in regards to Halo, This was definitely the game that changed my outlook on online gaming! Sure, I love the campaign, but upon trying the online multiplayer I was instantly changed forever. I once swore never to pay for high-speed modem or subscription fees just to play games I already owned and could easily play with friends around me. But when I got a taste of the competition and strategy that live players across the world could bring to the table I was instantly hooked. Ive been a complete Halo Nerd since, and proud of it! I really believe this is the game to beat; this is the bar for FPS games. As far as Im concerned if its not Halo its not a game!

Ha, I like how you capitalized "Halo Nerd." *ahem* What made you decide to do something this hardcore?
I decided one day that I need a sanctuary where I could pwn in peace. After all, I do have two small boys (Nam Jr.s if u please!). Needless to say they like what dad likes and make it clear by screaming nothing but enthusiasm THE WHOLE TIME in my ear through every game I play! Though I welcome the support of my online sickness from the family, it does make it difficult at times to concentrate. So thats what hatched the plans for the ultimate Halo room. Plus growing up as a small Spartan I wished my dad would have had a room like this for my friends and I to enjoy. But if anything, this will be a life long tribute from me to honor this game for all the fun and stories it has provided me for the last year and a half.

And what a fine tribute it is! So how was it done?
Weeks of sweat and tears, to say the least went into this creation. What I had in mind would be costly. Needless to say, I did as much as I could myself to save the money! (drywall, trim, speaker system, paint) After I took it as far as I could myself it was time to look through as many books and sites as I could for the perfect background. Upon finding the majestic scene on a magazine (Eddie Smith's original work for the Edge cover page), it was on to the yellow pages!

I hired four local artists to hand brush this work of art on two of my walls, measuring 6ft by 12ft on each wall. Over the course of 5 weeks the ultimate Halo atmosphere scene was done. And to top the whole thing off I had them highlight the entire thing in glow-in-the-dark paint, {including stars on ceiling} and had black lights hidden throughout the room to accent when all lights are off!! Following that came built-in 5.1 surround speaker system to compliment a 20 8ms gaming monitor, two tones of carpet, a time out futon/bed (for Nam during inexcusable late night play) and many rare ebay oddities. I also had a built-in a 20 LCD wall hangable TV into the fireplace, to go along with the 360 thats hooked to my floor rocker chair that also has a built-in speaker system. Also I have a mini fridge in the room just incase I get parched from along battle. To round it off, I bought a 9ft gaming store banner and stand displays off good old ebay. Went as far as buying a skull that looks like the famous oddball to rest on the mantle! Total price of the wall mural was about $2,000, and final price (that Mrs. Namlocos not happy about!) was in about the range of $3,500.

Pfft! You can't put a price on that kind of commitment/artwork! Or... maybe you can... Sooooo... who painted it?
Four artists in total helped to paint this masterpiece. A group from Toledo called Art by Kelly brought three ladies to first do background colors and base coats first. Then one extremely talented woman (I think her last name was Fredricks) to do everything else with tons of colors and mixing throughout the process. She did the Master Chief and all (including my personalized flaming ninja symbol on shoulder to represent Namloco) with one little brush!!! The funny thing is, she had no idea what Halo the game was and probably thought I was nutty for doing it! Keeping that in mind, she was blind to the following that the Halo world brings with it. In the end I think she represented the game well with the respect it demands!

Looks like a fairly new company... hopefully this will bring them a bit more business! =) Tell me. In the end, was it all worth it? (duh)
I think somewhere inside of me a little kid in me is giggling and drooling uncontrollably! Something of a dream as a child came true. And if I had to do it again, I would. Plus the fact that I can share this project with the rest of the Halo community that I spend so many countless nights with is satisfying to say the least. This is my little way of giving back.

Final thoughts?
All in all I can think I can speak for the rest of the Halo gamers throughout the world, that the wait for Halo 3 is killing us, and Im confident that Bungie will score another smash hit. Also Id like to thank the good folks at bungie and lambclan for the press theyve given my room and me! I also like to thank Halobabies for constantly spreading the word and world of this great game. Finally Id like to say stay tuned for halo room part two, as I will try to expand the mural at all costs short of bankruptcy. LoL

Well thanks for the taking time to sit down with us, and for all the pics! I think you can be sure that you are currently on everyone's jealousy list from here on out. Send our regards to your very loving and forgiving wife! =P

Do you have a crazy Halo art project like this one? Or know of someone else who does? Let us know! Send an e-mail to news (at) halobabies.net

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1 | viper88 says:

My God that is the most amazing room I have ever seen. I have had dreams of stuff like this. DREAMS!


2 | turok says:

was that really all necessary? i mean, thousands of dollars for all of that?
sure, i like halo, but not enough to spend THAT much! (because i cant and im only 13.)
oh yeah, and what if you have to move out?
i guess that would be cool livin' there, but would it be worth it?
(lots a peoplez are going to think you should get a life.)

3 | Rihel3 says:

Rock on.

4 | NAMLOCO says:

I do have a life!!![Turok] and this is my escape! thanks for looking and commenting guy's

5 | NAMLOCO says:

P.M.S. lambclan.com has all my pics and thoughts on their forum under swag topic..thanks Namy

6 | l3edpan says:

He does have a life, Namloco is a great friend of mine, and yes, he is a bit nutty with his halo addiction, but seriously.. You have to admire him.. not even for this room, but for the fact, he's approaching 30, and still beating the snot outta kids half his age.. not to mention, analog joysticks were not invented when we started playing, so you kids really have an advantage. Pictures do not give this room justice, you really need to see it in person to enjoy it... and thankfully, I'm one of the lucky few :)

And for the 13 yearold that thinks "he needs a life" ..
Its called "paint" if someone did not appreciate this artwork, they can simply paint over it.. and also, not to flame you, but your 13, what do you know about life?!

To be honest, This is the only halo shrine, worthy of any "publicity" that I've seen.... the most widly played game online, and to have this guy dedicate Time, and effort, not to mention overtime worked, to pay this off.. I think he deserves a pat on the back for doing what we'd all love to do.

And just to let you know, Nam doesnt play with young punk kids .. He plays with a 43 yearold, a 29 yearold, and a 25 yearold .. who struggle with full time jobs, on different shifts, and jugle family on the side, I think it is great he has a place to call his own, and just go and relax, from his job, kids, wife.. Kudos to you namloco, I'm glad to see you've shared your awesome room with the halo nation, and for all halo nerds alike..

7 | mrsmiley says:

Well said. If you do anything else to this room, I'll definitely keep things updated here, so just let me know! It's a great accomplishment! =)

8 | l3edpan says:

good artical, kinda demonstrates my point though, Thought of before he was, and then it tells how nintendo changed that with the "control pad" in 1985 and 86, though along with sega... which, would make me 4, and namloco 8 when those systems .. came out. which is right around the time that he would have started playing the video games, along with myself cause of an older brother. anywho, we grew up on the "control pad" 1997 When nintendo brought back the analog controller, as an actual thumb joystick, rather then your "fighter pilot" joystick. which, puts 12 years of difference... that puts him at 19 - 20 yearsold when that came out... giving the advantage, to the younger crowd, say the 13 yearold. Who should be born around 1993, giving him till the age of 4, when the controler was introduced .. giving him time to grow adaptive... to the new age controlers, where namloco had 12 years of up,down,left,right ... puting him, at a disadvantage...

But, thank you for helping prove my point. You have a nice day.

9 | NAMLOCO says:

As for the whole tv thing..I have a big wide screen plasma which was ridiculous in cost but what wife wants, wife gets!!!Sadly Nam lost that battle. LoL
But for competitive gaming I find that the 20inch screen gives myself an advantage of not turning my complete head during games which I would have to do with a bigger screen.[I like to sit blindingly close!]
But in the end "Is it really about the money?"
"No," it's about the love of the game!!! thanks again

10 | MachShot says:

I have that same habbit with televisions too, NAMLOCO. (If only mine were high-def)

Man, I know a guy ('bout 26) who would love to have his game room look like that! This really must be the best 'Halo Room' out there! What does the room look like when turned off, btw?

11 | Morpheus says:

When I read 'proud father and husband', I said, "WOAH!!" The room looks nice, but I see some pieces of paper taped on and it looks kinda tacky. Oh well...My room will be painted Matrix Green. With accurate code falling down in a very arousing fashion....I'm serious.

12 | Lord_Halo99 says:

now THAT is dedication to something you like.

13 | DoctorEvol says:

That looks great. If I had the free time I'd paint something on my wall. Make my room look like inside a base from blood gulch (except with all my sutff) and paint it like a wall was blown apart with a view of the gulch.

14 | The Decoy says:

Awsome man! I envy you to the 4th power.

Im going to paint my room soon. But I hope I can paint something as cool as that.

15 | Grimlin says:

That room blows my mind everytime I see pics of it. You also live so near me, would you be upset if the room came up missing?

16 | l3edpan says:

Morpheus : Those are not pictures for the finished room, those are for the artists that were painting... for someone with such a cool "matrix" room, think you might of known that, unless you were only trying to steal the "glory" of namloco's room... oh, I almost forgot, welcome to "halo"babies.net .. keyword, HALO!!! not f'n Matrix .. man , some people just have to be downers on everything.. just say "nice room, have a nice day" .. no one cares about your love for neo, specialy on a HALO site. Have fun letting keano molest your "head plug" ...

17 | Guardian Angel says:

hey l3edpan im with the 13 year old this guy does need a life yea the game is great and all but when u get old and u look back on this and ask what have i acheived from this? How did this make his life better yea the painting is awsome and all and it makes me think he needs a girlfriend because only a single man could spend that much time on somthing that is just going to get painted over in the future. Halo is just going to be forgotten like all the awsome video games like megaman I love that game and no one even knows about him any more so i think this guy needs to get a life (Realy)

18 | MachShot says:

Hey Guardian Angel! I belive you missed the "Wife and Two Kids" part of that interview.

(You just made yourself look like a huge idiot)

19 | l3edpan says:

Guardian Angel : wow, you didn't read to much, did you .. he is married, no girlfriend needed, while you are home, humping your pillow, or stuffed animal or what ever you kids do these days, he is with his WIFE.

as for what is achieved .. Self satisfaction im sure, and if you would have read .. Its not just for him its for his kids aswell.

Again, with a name like Guardian Angel I suppose you are all about God and the bible, then why are you sinning, by "judging" somone, isnt that a sin?

Any more idiots like Guardian Angel wanna step up to the plate?

Ok, im going to quote you.

""when u get old and u look back on this and ask what have i acheived from this?""

Why did you post this "flame" . did you achieve anything? besides looking like a huge idiot, as Machshot said?

20 | mrsmiley says:

hey l3edpan you're kinda joining in on the flaming, and aren't looking much better than those guys you are making fun of. quit the negativity or this news post is gonna get locked, and i think Nam would like more comments... so yeah, stop. everyone has a right to their opinion... hell i wouldn't mind a matrix room myself, and i RUN this website.

21 | Damatee says:


If only my last attempt at painting a scene on my wall had turned out like that.

Money well spent by the looks of it... heh you could make your money back by selling tickets.

22 | NAMLOCO says:

Wow, sorry to cause so much controversy! By all means I realize not everyone will like the room, the fact of the matter is in the end is that "I" like my room and thought I should share it with all who love the game too. But to answer a few of the comments:
I am proudly a married man and father of two. And I play almost entirely after everyone is asleep [So I my sickness does'nt interfere with family time!]
As for the paper's on the wall [pic] if you compare finished pics with those pics you'll notice there is not a planet behind the Halo ring!!! This is because the pic with paper's taped all over wall is when the artist needed references to look at in order to create this imaginary planet! So, yea if I would have left those up there it would be very tacky I agree! But truth be, there long gone.
And to answer the Q. about the lights out look. Whole mural is highlighted in glow-in the-dark paint; including cieling stars. Hidden blacklights brighten this effect and I think even gives A cooler feel to the room in the dark!
Lastly to the answer the comments for me getting A life...I have one, and it's Halo-rific. Thanks for all the comments, and feel free to ask more questions or forget this old news and do somthing much more progressive like playing some Halo. LoL
P.M.S....I loved megaman too! and to the guy doing the sweet matrix room, maybe O'l Namy can pose for the part of neo on your wall!! LoL
now that would be an acheivement to look back on!!!!!

23 | MachShot says:

So that is what it looks like when dark, sweet.

And sorry if I triggered a flame there earlyer. Didn't mean to start any harm.

24 | turok says:

okay, im sorry NAMLOCO for saying you needed to get a life and all that.

25 | turok says:

oh yeah, does anyone here use isafe.org?

26 | l3edpan says:

Your room is super dooper fantastical!

27 | RayZR says:

As HBO put it: "I'm not sure I understand how a guy who says he can't afford a gaming computer spent $3500 outfitting his gaming lair".

Great choice of artwork on the wall. The woman who painted that deserves like, money. Or something...

And, turok and Guardian Angel: Shut up. :)

I know it's been repeated ad nauseam, but he's married, has two (apparently very supportive) kids, a job (I'm sure), PROPERTY, AND he plays Halo (responsibly). Personally, I think that accounts for a "life" (whatever you kids mean by that).

Again, fantastic room. I want it... weep...

28 | Yarkaz Cloudshadow says:

I think this room in fantastic. Not only does Namloco show his love of Halo by putting $3,500 into a single room, he doesn't let it get in the way of his family. I mean, I've heard stories of couples who break up because of video game adiction, but Namloco plays Halo a lot and still spends time with his family.

Namloco, what would you do if by some strange coincidence, your intrest changed too another game? I mean, what if one day you lost intrest in Halo for another game. Would you comepletely redo you room, or play 'Call of Duty 3' or whatever in a Halo themed room?

29 | Spartan058-Halogeeky says:

i have a better halo room then that

30 | MachShot says:

Very funny. I doubt there being just a better looking game room in general than this.

NAMLOCO, If you were to sell the walls... how much would you charge, hmm?

31 | NAMLOCO says:

wow...if u do have a good room send me the pics....that way I know I'm not alone in my GEEK STATUS....LoL.......as for my walls I'm not sure how do u put a price on a huge hand painted original wall??? anyone have a guess??
And to update on that recent HBO comment on my spending $$ on gamming pc....Mr. Wu kindly e-mailed me and said he missed what I really said in the interview and gave me the old bow in respect for mis-quoting me...[what a guy!!!thanks MR. Wu!!!!!]
see u all later Namster.

32 | nobodyuknow says:

i think it's kinda weird that a 30 year old would have a video-game themed room. I mean theres nothing wrong at all for adults to play games but decorating your room with Halo stuff just seems kinda immature. especially spending $3,500 on a room related just to a video game. that's just crazy if you ask me.

but hey to each his own.

33 | NAMLOCO says:

LET NOT JUMP AHEAD ON AGE..I'M 28 LoL..and I grew up with games!!!and once I had kids, let alone {boys}, I't was a great thing to have not only for myself but also for them to enjoy!..so for you not understanding is totally your opinion, and I thank u for it!...if you don't have kids and know what it is to be a dad, let alone a husband with a gizzlion responsibilities then I will never be able to fully explain and or justify something like this to you! and lastly if u look at the last half of my gamer tag it does say "crazy" aka Loco!so when you call me crazy your probably a little on target. LoL
P.M.S. The second I act my age is when i'm old, I would love to stay my current age forever if I could, cause I know one day my boys will be older and whoop me at everything [including games] LoL NAM

34 | just another halo fan says:

my room has more halo stuff in it then that room.but that is cool to find out that your not the only one whos room and house has everything halo and has to do with halo

35 | NAMLOCO says:

COOL...LOVE THAT I'M not alone!!!! I thought about more stuff but I figured on spending the bulk of my money on somthing that few to none had...[painting]

Also a second thought on the comment about me being "immature"..in reguards to that I would like too state that I could have blown the money on silly stuff that would lose value over time,,,instead I invested in my investment a "house" which will return a profit if I sell in years to come!!! so if thats immature then rightfully stated.
thanks nam

36 | corpralperez says:

just put some marines and grunts in there and there you go . by the way cool room MARINES ROCK !!!!!

37 | Krayt says:

What's wrong with having a Halo room? Doesn't everyone here like Halo? What's the big deal? And Namloco, I have a room mural from the scene of FF7 when Sephiroth finds Jenova, and on the other side of the room, I have Alexia Ashford in her second form from Resident Evil Code Veronica. Nothing is wrong with painting your room with what you love ^__^

38 | NAMLOCO says:

Thanks Krayt..big props to u!!!!
well back to playing...Nam

39 | NAMLOCO says:

anyone know any e-mail adress's to any of the gaming mags that I may send this story to for possible ink? If u let me know and the person that gave me any particular adress to a mag. that prints my story...i'll be sure to give them recognition in the interview and or artical!!! let me know NAM

40 | yayap! says:

www.bungie.net may have an e-mail on thier site

41 | Grizzled Ancient says:

oh please, just make a flippin comic already!

42 | FRIJOLERO says:



43 | ash says:

that is one kickass room NAMLOCO must be the luckiest person in the world

44 | Yoozel says:

LOLZ... I sorry Smiley. <3

45 | some stupid random person says:

i'm getting tired of waiting for a comic...you just lost a fan...

46 | NAMLOCO says:

by all means I don't want fans!!!just to share my room...but the Halo graphic novel is comming out this week!!!!yea!!!!

47 | Spherical Doom says:

Hey Dude, awesome room! I play Halo alot but the most I've done is put in surround sound and get a hi def tv. (Im 17, very fat, and work at Mcdonalds) lol, can I have your room? 10 bucks should cover it...

48 | Hugehalofan says:

Really nice room you've got there. It gives me inspiration to do something similar with my own room sometime in the future. Preferably with a halo theme or from another game. I also think that it can't get too expensive if you're dedicated and it's a boyhood dream being realized. It's certainly well worth the money.

49 | NAMLOCO says:

Thanks, I think it would be sweet if everyone had themed rooms!!!tell u what though, make sure you do the "glow in the dark paint" it soo worth it!!!!

50 | Sparkie says:


You would NOT want to leave me alone in that room, with a pic of 117 THAT big. Unspeakeable things would happen...and let's leave it at that.

DAMn I wish I could do murals...but the bigger my canvas gets the more wonky and out-of-proportion my art gets. You rawk, dude. And TOTAL Kudos for having kinds and still doing videogames. I had parents that said that viedogames were for kids, or people that have no lives. :D


51 | NAMLOCO says:

Thanks for your words of approval! But lets keep in mind that I grew up with counsel games, for me to play video games does not seem strange or out of the ordinary to me. I started playing young and never quit; my parents had board games, I had Nintendo and sega. The only real thing thats changed is that I have kids now and I fear the day they are better then me. LoL
No really, I keep my gaming time in check. I play when they sleep, wife included! Think it is very important to separate my sickness and family time. LoL

Thanks Namy

52 | Kekoa13 says:

your gaming room, "ROCKS"! I can't wait to show that picture to my two boys and see what they say about that. Maybe they will want something cool for there own rooms. Only wish I had a room that I could do that with, maybe one day I can have a gaming room in my house! Very nice and inspiring!

53 | NAMLOCO says:

Well I did it! Namloco has hit it big-time again! I never thought Id eclipse the home page of Bungie.net. But in three inch by 2inch fashion I have. Small but visible on page 17 of the OFFICIAL XBOX MAGAZINE sept. Issue Nams halo room proudly graces the page! I just want to thank all for looking and commenting good and bad on my story, cause without that I really dont think websites and magazines would care! Its true that my Spartan Geek ness is huge and will remain so till Halo 3, which is when I will go into hibernation in my man cave till I perfect pwnage! LoL

So thanks to all again and take a look at this magazine; even though its small Its there and Im just fine with that.
Your Spartan brother in armsNam

54 | NAMLOCO says:

Just wanted to give Halobabies the props it deserves too. without bungie and halobabies giving me homepage action...I'm sure none of this would have happened!!! thanks Smiley

55 | loverofhalo says:

hey nam i looked closley at one of the pictures and saw heater in there, any reason for that

56 | loverofhalo says:

namloco I'll try and find u on xbox live next time im on,
peace .ii,,

57 | loverofhalo says:

props on the room, it rocks, the skull does too, only thing it needs now it the halo figures

58 | loverofhalo says:

that would be awesome, you should do it.

59 | BamA bOy says:

AWESOME ROOM! i wish i had a room like that. u rock!

60 | die coward says:

Hey Nam, I wasn't your room in OXM (official Xbox Magazine)?

61 | NAMLOCO says:

yes it was my room!

62 | die coward says:

I saw u in OXM and bungie. That's sweet.

63 | NAMLOCO says:

thanks goes to halobabies!!!!and u guy's that that post!!!

64 | NAMLOCO says:

Nice...I'll pray for u....LoL

65 | Peter says:

Hey, is it just me, or does the earth in that mural seem to be a little flat?

66 | arbyter says:

what the hell? this websites died. just so suddenly, there were no signs. come on mrsmiley, bring the website back and do something new... or anything

67 | Beheld says:


68 | NAMLOCO says:

cool send me a fr when u do

69 | That Old Fatty Down The Street says:

AWSOME ROOM I WANT TO STEAL IT FROM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

70 | CACTUAR LOCO says:

O.o, AWSOME ROOM its cool. where did u get all that stuff? its awsome!!!!!!

71 | Marko says:

HI@all ^^ i met NAMLOCO on skype and i have to say, this room is amazing!!!!!!!! im looking foreward to let some friends play againgst him ^^

72 | NAMLOCO says:

well, it's going on 4 weeks with this new clan...we branched off of the huge clan Lamb clan that had a 100++ members and with the radio shows..my room's magazine spots and world wide website exposure...I have high hopes for this new branch...it's a brotherhood like no other! or so we are told by new members that have been looking for a clan, a REAL CLAN since the beggening of halo...we don't like cheating or glitching, yes we know all the jumps[ just to be aware of them,incase used against us] we keep prohanity low, and with the podtacular and clantacular matches about to begin we'll see what SBG OMEGA's made of..this is a new train in the online gaming world..and i'm glad I caught a ride...from there we'll see what kind of force were dealing with...check us out sbgclan.com

73 | NAMLOCO says:

thank you, I love you too!

74 | Sly Falcon says:

yes! I can get in! whoooo!=D, it'll be my last plasma sword though :(

75 | Turok says:

I was havin a bad day (I guess) since I posted the second comment. I just feel really bad about saying something soo mean right now. Im sorry. again. (I finally have XBL and if any of you have seen someone online named SGT Steeve that's me)

76 | I Oracle says:

I bet you have Halo wallpaper on your desktop!!!

77 | | Oracle says:

I bet you have Halo wallpaper on your computer!!!

78 | Turok says:

It's been a year since I posted the second message and it still haunts me..
I'm real sry

79 | ultram says:


80 | Catys says:


81 | Asina says:

82 | Asina says:

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