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Talk Like a Pirate Day! | mrsmiley { September 19, 2006 }

Just a friendly reminder to ye land lubbers that today be Talk Like a Pirate Day! Grab yer wenches and hoist the mainsails!!

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1 | Donut says:

bit late but... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh mateys! etc.

2 | Ace says:

Are you sure this is talk like a pirate day? Shouldn't you be working on the comic? All my other souless e-buddies have commited e-suicide by having their main attention to penny arcade and others. WHEN WILL THE COIMICS COME BACK?!? WHEN?!?

3 | turok says:

pirates are cool

4 | Etoli says:


Beware of keelhaulin me oysters!

5 | austin says:

halo ruses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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