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MSPaint God | mrsmiley { October 16, 2006 }

I normally don't feature single forum art submissions on the main page of HBN, but this is the single most amazing piece of MSP art I've ever seen. Be warned... you may need new pants.

UPDATE: Apparently I've had the Pro Gallery set so that art can only be viewed by registered members. I never intended for it to be like that! I've changed it now so that all of the artwork can be viewed publicly. Sorry!

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1 | Donut says:

Yikes! Thanks for the feature Smiley! :D

2 | Siege says:

You need to register and be logged in to see the picture.

3 | master_chiefette says:


Donut puts a whole new meaning to MSP master. <3

4 | first post says:

im on another comp. and it works. HOLY CRAP thats amazing, and ONLY in MSP? OMG

5 | MachShot says:

Donut's art killed my artistic self-esteem. D:

6 | Ace says:

Comics... Need funny pages...

7 | Krayt'heili says:

WOW! That's amazing! I can't believe they even put the reflection of the ring in the water (well, I can't believe that they remembered too, lol)

8 | yayap says:

hooooolllyyy cow!!! that is made in the paint program on a computer!!! hard as heck!!! any way.... we want comics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 | arbyter says:

motherf... that is the best msp picture ive ver seen. brava ragazza!

10 | arbyter says:

the pictures gr8 and all but when are we gonna get some more comics!?

11 | turok says:

it's Thanksgiving 06 and their isn't a new comic....... what happened?
did someone die?

12 | Dronatar says:

Dude,Totaly awesome! How long did that take you? If i tried doing something like that i'd get up to the line of the background and save it in the wrong format and mess upin thefirst sixteen secconds!

13 | Asina says:

14 | Asina says:

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