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Forum Maintenance - Postponed | mrsmiley { March 23, 2007 }

It looks my planned forum maintenance will have to be postponed, as many of the modifications I was planning on or not available for the time being, due to phpbb.com's site update. I'll be getting things updated soon! Heck, at east this was a good excuse to backup everything! ;)

I don't believe I will be doing a forum upgrade at this time, due to too many risks involved in the process. I WILL however be performing some forum maintenance, and some min minor upgrades/modding. Stay tuned to this news post for updates until the forum is back up again, and I post stuff there. Read main news post for more info.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

I plan on updating this forum to the next installment of phpBB as soon as the first official release comes out. Apparently the beta5 they have right now is not the greatest idea for active sites... and hours is extremely active! I am currently backing up our entire forum MySQL database (200MB) and the forum files (5+GB) from my server. This includes every image that has ever been uploaded to the HBN forum!

Stay tuned for more updates...

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3 | Idobejese says:

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