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Backend Upgrade Complete... Comic Posted! | mrsmiley { July 19, 2007 }

I am writing this as I finish fixing all the comic index files that got screwed up after the CMS update. Everything SHOULD be working. Please let me know if there are any broken/misdirected links anywhere on the site. I'll be making more changes, and I'll post updates here on the main page as I do.

Oh yeah, and I posted the One One Se7en guest strip that Grunstbane drew for Stuntmutt a short while ago. It's not new for those who have seen it already (duh), but it's a preview of what's to come nonetheless! Go check it out!

UPDATE: I added a scroll bar for the strip so those with lower res screens can view the whole thing! Sorry folks.

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1 | Zyrra says:

First comment!!!
Not much to say on the matter, but I'm making sure to setmy HBN browser to go to the front page rather than the forum now XD
If I find time amongst Uni next week, I'll check out the old comics to see if there's anything broken.

2 | Donut says:


3 | RayZR says:


4 | Polar says:

Sweetness. A GB interview too! I've been sort of curious about what he's been up to.
So you see, peasants, Smiley IS working on this place. See and learn!

5 | Plague says:

Aw...I was all excited for a totally new strip! But i am excited for the Gruntsbane interview, not to mention some new arts from him mb mb?

6 | Arbiter 5000 says:

Finally... It's been YEARS!!!!!

7 | Narcogen says:


8 | Turok says:


9 | Vector says:

I'm still banned >__>

10 | Haxflo says:

Glad the site is back! But where are all of the more recent comic strips. I loved the "kitty-helmet" series. Are you planning on reposting those strips?

11 | OG LIL PONY says:


12 | jacob says:


13 | jacob says:


14 | logan says:

i buy it

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